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Scrap Boy T-Shirt Design Method

Recycle it! be good.  Recycle iron-on transfers, letters, numbers and designs to create your own on impulse all Over Freestyle One of a Kind t-shirt design. Get the Scrapboy Decal Transfers Pack and invite your friends over for a T- PARTY. The Transfer Pack Box lands at you..

Job Setup and Art Charges

Custom work Setup and Art Charges ..

Application Instructions and Videos

Application Instructions View/Print (pdf) Application Instructions for all Spot98 Graphic Heat Transfers. SpotPro Transfers SpotDeco Transfers (pdf) SpotDeco Settings Detail (pdf) SpotHolo Transfers Detail (pdf) SuperGlitz Transfers SpotNylon Transfers Spot4CLR Transfers SpotEZ Transfers S..

Lettering Fonts

Alphabet Sheets Lettering Fonts Custom Decorative Lettering Fonts ..

Video - Flex Vinyl Transfers

Have a look at this video to see how Custom iron-on Transfers of Your Designs are made with Flex Viny material. Your designs are traced, cut, and weeded. Shipped on a carrier sheet facing up ready to apply. Clients can also Purchase Blank Flex Vinyl transfer material sheets, to hand draw F..

Video - Flex Printable Blockout

. Video by Poli-Tape™ Germany..

Vintage Decals List

Vintage and collector iron-on decals.  ID Title - Category - 1243 3 Dog Night - Music - 0000 3 is Company - TV-Shows - cat 3 Stooges - TV-Shows - 1230 A Touch of Class - Classic - 1282 A-Team (MrT) - TV-Shows - 1242 Abba - Music - 1037 AC DC - Music - ..

Carrier Sheet

What is a Carrier Sheet? Your Artwort graphic designs Custom Iron-on Transfers come on a transfer Carrier Sheet. Only your Graphic Designs transfer/Print on t-shirt. No need to cut out around the art before printing. Come Ready to apply Facing Up, for easy positioning on ..

Affiliates Resellers Wanted

Affiliate Program Affiliates Resellers Wanted. updating. Signup / Login ..

Iron-on Transfers Info

What transfer Type is Best? We offer 3 types of custom transfers of your designs for printing on clothing (tshirts etc.). Each one of these 3 printing processes offer certain features and characteristics, that make each one of them different. They vary in the finished product look and fee..

Team Kits Iron-on Transfers info

We offer Team Player Jersey Numbers Kits and Team Logo Name Iron-on Heat Transfers made from 2 types of materials.  Screen Printed Transfers. Deco Flex Vinyl Transfers. Both types are professional grade heat transfer used on sports apparel, team uniform jerseys and more. Easy t..

About Iron-on Letters Alphabet Sheets

Alphabet sheets of Iron-on Transfer Letters come in popular lettering fonts styles, standard letter sizes and in 10 classic colors. They are made via the screen printing process on a transfer sheet and are sold year round as a stock catalog item. Ideal for printing on most textile items of any ..

Pantone Color Codes Page 3

: Page 1 : Page 2 : Page 3 : PMS R G B Hex COLOR 500 206 137 140 #CE898C       5005 188 135 135 #BC8787       501 234 178 178 #EAB2B2       5015 216 1..

Pantone Color Codes Page 2

: Page 1 : Page 2 : Page 3 : PMS R G B Hex COLOR 250 237 196 221 #EDC4DD       251 226 158 214 #E29ED6       252 211 107 198 #D36BC6       253 175 3..

Pantone Color Codes Page 1

: Page 1 : Page 2 : Page 3 : PMS R G B Hex COLOR 100 244 237 124 #F4ED7C       101 244 237 71 #F4ED47       102 249 232 20 #F9E814       103 198 173..

Numbers Application - Heat Press Video

Heat Press Machine application of Spotpro Screen Printed Iron-on Numbers.   Credits: Video by Lou Robins c/o Spot98 (c) 2002 Home Iron Application Related Products All Numbers Team Kits Lettering ..

Numbers Application - Home Iron Video

Easy application of Spotpro Screen Printed Iron-on Numbers using a home iron.   Credits: Video by Lou Robins c/o Spot98 (c) 2002 Heat Press Application Related Products All Numbers Team Kits Lettering ..

Shipping & Production Updates

Shipping: no delays on 97.6% of all stock inventory items.  note: from January 15 to February 15 new stock items catalog include new products and some will be deleted / retired. For these discontinued items we are offering 80% off retail price, clients can buy these special sale item..

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Site Updates

Re-buiding site after a major database crash. 12/11/2017  Updating Category: Vintage Music T-Shirts AC DC Rock Band Vintage T-ShirtsAlabama Rock Band Vintage T-ShirtsAlice Cooper Vintage T-ShirtsBeatles Vintage T-ShirtsBob Dylan Vintage T-ShirtsBon Jovi Vintage T-ShirtsBoston Band Vinta..