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Transfers Bad Deligma

  Iron-on Transfers Bad Stigma We decided to eliminate the "The Heat Press Transfers Bad Stigma".  Every time a client was interested in printing their designs on t-shirts in a fair quantity like 50 units, quite a few new clients would say to us:   “I don't want to print my designs with..

New Flex Decal Designs

Updating: June 2 / 2017  New Stock Listings: Bride Decals Completed Bride Iron-on Decals May 22, 2017 New Stock Flex Iron-on Decals                         ..

Understanding Commercial Pinting

If you use commercial printing services for your print jobs, you probably use a service bureau or a printing shop. The service bureau takes your file and converts it directly to film or to plates. The printing shop uses the film from a service bureau to make printing plates. When you prepare a prin..

Dimatur Vinyl for printing T-Shirts

Client Feed Back 2015 by Jose CapellaDimatur T-Shirt Vinyl Staff  with No product Knowledge " I Ordered 10 Meters of t-shirt vinyl in white color from Dimatur Comercio Internacional, ltda. ( urbanização dos Farmais, lot 9, 2460-814 Turquel, Portugal ) only to receive the wrong product, so I telephon..

PantyGram Fever

PantyGram Fever..

Auto Vinyl Application Article

Article Vinyl Application By Molly WatersSelecting the Right Materials The first step to successfully creating quality cut vinyl graphics is to make sure the proper film is being used for the job. As an installer you may not always have input, but it is good for anyone who is creating and/or..

The next big Arastta thing ;)

Thank you Arastta.  ..

The Blog - Yet another great Arastta Thing.

The Blog - Yet another great Arastta Thing...

Shipping & Production

Rasheeda Website Updates 20/07/2017 50 0 comment

July 20, 2017Order Shipping Status All under control shipping out all orders no delays. New Fall Winter CatalogNew catalog change over, deleting some items and introducing new products. We are phasing out and deleting some products from our current catalog. These you can purchase on our clearance sa..

Site Upgrade Switching to Glide

Sted Website Updates 16/04/2017 180 0 comment

Paypal Payment HoldsThe NEW PAYPAL PORTUGAL was born, meaning spot98 would now be under the Portugal and NOT under account we held in the USA / Canada for 15 plus years,  but are now in the system as a NEW ACCOUNT. Without any sort of notice. This alone, caused paypal ..

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