All orders ship with application instructions for each specific iron-o transfer type. All of Spot98 Graphic heat transfers are easy to apply and most can be printed using a Home Hand Iron or Heat Press machine. We have categorised the Application of iron-on transfers according to the printing process they are made, including materials and inks used in 3 different types.

To View or Print the PDF Application Settings sent with your order, visit the Application Settings Page, and you can also checkout the Application Videos

note: any highlighted are applied with Heat Press Only.


(1) Screen Printed Ink Iron-on Transfers

SpotPro® Iron-on Transfer with adhesive.

SuperGlitz® Iron-on Transfer with Glitter.

SpotEZ® Iron-on Transfers without adesive.

Spot4CP® Iron-on Transfer are 4 color process.

SpotHD® Iron-on Transfers are High Defention.

SpotDIS® Iron-on Transfers are Graphicaly Distressed.

SpotPUFF® Iron-on Transfers are PUFF Up.

SpotLITHO® Iron-on Transfers are 70's style Lithograph.


(2) Decorative Materials Iron-on Transfers

SpotDECO® Iron-on Transfers are: 

SpotFlex® Flex Vinyl Iron-on Transfers

SpotNeon® Neon Iron-on Transfers

SpotNylon® Nylon Iron-on Transfers

SpotFlock® Flock Iron-on Transfers

SpotHolo® Holographic Iron-on Transfers

SpotFlake® Glitter Iron-on Transfers

SpotSparkle® Premium Glitter Iron-on Transfers

SpotReflex® Reflective Iron-on Transfers

SpotGlow® Glow Iron-on Transfers

Spot3D® 3 Dimentional Iron-on Transfers


(3) Digital Iron-on Transfers

SpotDIG® Iron-on Transfers for White Fabrics.

SpotDIG-Plus® Iron-on Transfers for Dark Fabrics


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