Reusable Teflon Sheets can be use over and over to help you print stuff, they help hold DOWN FLAT Iron-On Transfer Materials, Letters, Decals Designs when necessary, and prevent iron-on transfers from MOVING and SLIPPING as you press them, and protect your transfers from your Home Iron or Heat press machine DIRECT HEAT. Teflon Sheets are a great accessory to have on hand. 

Re-Usable Teflon Sheets come in various sizes: 

ID: 1601 - 18x25cm, ID: 1602 - 25x25cm, ID: 1603 - 38x38cm, ID: 1604 - 50x50cm.

Teflon Sheet the Magic Accessory

When creating stuff using iron on's that work with heat bonding elements, it is wise to keep on hand re-usable Teflon Sheets. This material / tool is used in many ways and it is necessary with various printing techniques. Reusable Teflon Sheets can be use over and over to print stuff, they help hold the Iron-On Materials, Letters and Decals Designs DOWN FLAT when necessary, and Prevents them from MOVING and SLIPPING. Teflon Sheets also PROTECT your Iron-on Application on shirts etc... from your Home Iron or Heat Press Machine Direct Heat. Teflon Sheets are NECESSARY when creating Multiple Layer Printing. They protect the already printed layers as you print new layers. Also used in other situations too. Like if you need to repair printed items, re-heat to reprint iron-on's, ...and more. Teflon Sheets can be used with Various types of Decorative Iron-On Materials and various Screen Printing Plastisol Ink Heat Transfers. You may say that Teflon Sheets are, the * MAGIC ACCESSORY * for Do It Yourself Iron-on Printing Projects.

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Teflon Sheets Accessory for Heat Transfers Application

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