How are spotpro iron-on transfers made?

SpotPro Transfers are made of Screen Printing Plastisol Inks. There are various processes within the manufacturing of this type of heat transfer, but overall these transfers are made via the  traditional Screen Printing Process. Using plastisol inks, with other elements, adhesives and such. After the Camera Ready Artwork is provide along with the Job Sheet ( aka specifications or line sheet ), our work begins with ganging all the artwork for the job on jumbo size sheet, and output the film for screens. Learn more about Screen Print Plastisol Transfers

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Does flex transfer material come in neon colors?

Q: Does flex transfer material come in neon colors?

A: Yes, see color chart below.

Flex Colors: White, Cream, Black, Red, Blue Royal, Blue Navy, Blue Sky, Turquoise, Yellow, Yellow Athletic, Pink, Hot Pink, Green, Green Apple, Green Dark, Grey, Orange, Purple, Burgundy, Brown, Silver Metal, Gold Metal, Pink Neon, Green Neon, Orange Neon , Blue Neon.

Flex material colors

Q: Can I purchase FLEX iron-on transfer material alone?

A: Yes, please visit our Iron-on Transfer Materials page.

How do I show color white?

Q: If I want the graphic to be printed in white, how do I use a white background?

A: Hi there, just send the graphic alone without any backgrounds in Black color. We will make it in White color for you.

Q: Please see artwork attached, would like this printed in white (FFFFFF) if I removed background correctly!

A: Yes the art you sent is in Black color with no background. However, we are making your Custom FLEX 1 Color Iron-on transfer, and to ensure durability, your artwork lines and spaces need to be 60 points minimum. Please repair and resende.

More info about Preparing your artwork for Custom Flex 1 Color Designs.

Custom Flex Vinyl Sports Numbers

Q: I’m looking for 4” numbers in collegiate and red font. I need the number “99” and need them together and not individually. For a quantity of 264. Please send me a quote with the necessary steps I need to take. Thanks for your help.

A: Hi there, well we can do it in Flex Vinyl for about $1 USD each plus shipping. 

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Please let us know how to proceed. Regards

Custom Flock Iron-on Transfers

Q: hi. i am looking into ordering iron on letters. i need the letter w, the letter d and the letter c. i need 250 of the letter w and 125 of the letter c and d. i would like to do 1.5 inches.please let me know prices

A: Hi there, sorry for the delay just trying to get orders out before the weekend. Well for the custom graphic to print on FLOCK, we do not do because it needs to be a printable flock material ( fake flock ) that is different from the FLOCK we use. Also the graphic is too small to to print on FLOCK material and we do not recommend. 

The graphic can be reproduced via Soft Flex material


it is an industry standard washable and durable with vibrant colors. We recommend it. The price for this depends on quantity and artwork size dear.