Delivery Time

Postal Airmail World Wide up to 2 Kilos
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GLOBAL Destination Delivery
   C Country Bus-Days
  CA CANADA 2 – 10
  BS  BRASIL 2 – 6
  GB IRELAND N. 1 – 2
EUROPE   Most Countries 1 – 3
AUSTRALIA AU Australia  5 – 6
  AU Sidney 3 – 10
NZ New Zeland 3 – 5
ASIA   Most Countries 2 – 6
JP JAPAN 2 – 8
CN CHINA 2 – 6
AFRICA   Most Countries 2 – 6

how long it may take to receive my order?

Just concerned about how long it may take to receive my order here in the USA?

Well, from here Portugal via priority airmail ( economy at checkout ), the postal service states 3-6 business days or less to USA or the rest of the world or less. Now it depends where in the USA you are located. But the USPS does a good quick job after it lands in NY. NY. Anyway, we moved here from the USA to distribute and ship out orders because Portugal is located in the center of the Globe, and transit time work great for USA, Canada and Australia and the rest of the world.  

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Email Notifications samples explained

Thank you for your order Email Notification

Sample email sent to client 

Dear Client,
Thank you for your order and payment. 
Check your registered mail as we prepare 
your order and shipping.   

Click here to Contact Us if you 
have any questions.
Again, thank you for your purchase. 

Email ID 201801  

Informing client to Check their registered email address with us and with paypal for updates, order status and tracking information as we prepare the order and shipping. This email notification is sent automatically to the client when we receive a notification from Paypal that Confirms and Clears the client order and payment.

Sample Paypal Email Notification

You received a payment of $00.00 USD 
from John Doe (  
Thanks for using PayPal. 
You can now ship any items. 
Seller Protection 
- Eligible 
or NOT  Eligible

Order Complete Email Notification

Sample email sent to client

Dear Client,  
Thank you for your order, 
it was received and will be 
processed once payment has 
been confirmed and cleared 

Check your registered mail 
for such paypal payment 

All stock items ship next 
business day. Custom made items 
ship out in a few day. 
Transit delivery times vary 
depending on destination and 
the service option selected 
at checkout. 
More information or updates 
please Login to your account.

Email ID 201801-1  

Order In Process or Processing Email Notification

Sample email sent to client

Dear Client, 
Quick note to inform you we are 
Processing Your Order #0000. We may 
contact you regarding your order if 
necessary. Otherwise we will send 
you a Shipped out Email Notification 
with a Tracking Number for your order 
parcel when it leaves our facility. 

Please review our Comments below 
( If any ) relating to your order 
and CLICK HERE TO REPLY if necessary.

Email ID 201802 

In Process or Processing Email Notification from our website or from mean we have received your order and payment was cleared by PAYPAL. This order status usually will be applied for a few days or less. Because the clients order is not fully complete for one or more of the following reasons:

There is one or more custom made items as part of a stock items order.

Custom made items are made within a few days, we hold the order until the custom made items are made and ship the custom made items along with the stock items together order complete.

One of the items is temporarily sold out & out of stock

We hold the order for a few days until the sold out item is back in stock and ship out the order complete.

Waiting for client to provide order related information to complete the order.

Clients may need to provide artwork, specifications, fabric content, size colors and other details to ensure correct desired finished product and quality.

There is no need to be alarmed

Order status In Process or Processing is just a notification to clients we are working and preparing the clients order to be made, filled complete and ready for shipping.

When the clients order ships we email the client a shipped out notification with a tracking number.

Send us Your Artwork Email Notification

Sample email sent to client

Dear Client,  
You have placed a Custom Order 
with Spot98. This email is to 
inform you we require you send 
us your artwork design(s) 
(if you have not yet done so) 
in order for our graphics 
department to prepare and 
schedule the job for production. 

Artwork Submit Requirements

(1) Provide Artwork in Exact 
Size at 300 DPI Resolution, 
with WHITE background without 
image backgrounds and finished. 

(2) Designs must NOT infringe 
on copyright or trademarks. 
Clients may provide Sample 
or Proof Artwork as JPG file 
with good resolution. 

(3) Production Camera ready 
Artwork designs must be 
provided as VECTOR Graphics 
format, file type CDR or EPS. 

- 1 Color Artwork Graphics 
provide artwork in Color BLACK. 
Along with the corresponding 
color code if necessary. 
- Artwork Graphics of 2-3-4-5+ 
colors including Color WHITE, 
Show Color WHITE as GREY 
(50% black). 
- Photo or Full color Digital 
Process Artwork Graphics, 
clients may provide artwork 
as High quality JPG File.

To send us your artwork via 
email, please click on the 
link below.


Need help with your artwork?

For more information on 
providing artwork for production, 
please read our article 
Is your artwork ready?

If you need to convert your 
artwork files to required 
production ready files, please 
visit our online FREE TOOLS 

To convert your JPG or PNG 
file VECTOR format EPS File, 
please go directly to the 
Free Online File converter 
tool VectorizER Free Tool 

Email ID 201891 

Order Shipped Email Notification

Sample email sent to client

Dear Client, 
Your Order #0000 for the 
Total value of $ 00.00 is 
shipping FOB Spot98 facility 
to your registered address.
Shipping Address

Order Tracking
Please allow up to 24 hours 
during business days for the 
Carrier Company to update 
their online tracking data.  
Tracking Number: LL000000000PT

To view your order tracking 
dispatch record go to CTT Express 
Website and enter the above 
Tracking Number.

To View your Order Tracking, 
Delivery status, and Updates 
Login to your account with 
your registered email to 
visit Spot98 Order Tracking 

There, select your Country 
Carrier/Postal service online 
tracking and Enter your order 
tracking number.

To contact us regarding the
content of this email 
CLICK HERE to reach 
our Service Team.
Thank you for your order.

Email ID 201904 

Do you have faster shipping?

Q: Hello, I have a question about how long will it take for the package to arrive? We are hoping for it to arrive before July 29 because of a kids camp we are having. Also, is there any way for us to accelerate the shipping?

A: Hi there, to accelerate the shipping please upgrade to FEDEX Red Eye service 1-2 days ( under 2 kilos ), it is really the only option. You may get it in time with the shipping service you selected at checkout, but you may not. FEDEX 1-2 days  is really the only option at this point. Not cheap mind you.  

Upgrade FEDEX shipping here

Order wrongfully returned?

Q: Hi, I am emailing because this package was wrongfully returned to you. If possible, could I reorder, I would be willing to pay shipping again, if necessary. Sorry for the confusion.

A: Hi there, this has happen with a couple of parcels. We can not figure it out? It may also be a paypal packing slip problem. Anyway, will reship it at no charge.