Outlet Stores

We believe that our Outlet Store concept will play a large part in the Spot98.net future. Given all the technology available, the priority to save the environment, the importance of community and the current global crisis, the Outlet Store Network concept is an element of change for the better…we believe.

Outlet Stores Re-Sellers Wanted

About Outlet Stores and How does it work?

The Outlet Stores program is very simple. 
We email you Orders from our Customers, you Fill the Orders and Ship them out to our Customers. Of course you can sell directly to your own customers too.

Why are we offering this?

Well, the primary reason is to provide our customers with better service and faster delivery of goods thru out the Globe. By setting up *OutLet Stores* in various geographic locations we will be able deliver our products next day to most Global Destinations. 

The other great thing about setting up this *OutLet Store* Global Network Program is that we will reduce energy consumption, freight delivery costs and waste. All these improvements will amount to additional savings, and increase community based economic growth for local *OutLet Stores*.

How can you help us?

To get involved and help us achieve our goal, you will need to Apply for an “Outlet Store Permit”. The reason we have decide to issue “OutLet Store Permits” is to control our product quality and workmanship. We may also require that you have basic experience making “Custom Iron-On Transfers”, the Equipment and Materials, and Shipping & Receiving know how. But it’s NOT necessary if you are selling our ready made STOCK ITEMS.

Interested in Becoming a Spot98 * OutLet Store * ?

Earn extra income, apply for a Spot98 Outlet Store License.