Custom Iron-on Transfers of Your Designs


You Design It.
Custom Iron-On Transfers of your Graphic Designs.
Are you looking to make Custom Heat Transfers
of Your Logo or Design? If So, You Found us.

  • Print these iron-on transfers yourself on your own shirts and more.
  • They work on Light or Dark Fabric Colors,
  • Are quick and easy to apply w/Home Iron or Heat Press,
  • No Sewing Required, machine washable,
  • Long shelf life allow you to use them up as you need,
  • You get them at your door step ready to apply,
  • Fast shipping with Product Guarantee.

Create your own Iron-on Transfers
All our iron-on transfers are professional grade, you get exactly the same quality iron-on graphic heat transfer as all brand name or our crafty artistic clients.
Lets get personal with custom iron-on transfers, quick start!

Create your own Iron-on Transfers. Please choose the Iron-on transfer you need?
Your Words Your Design Your Image Your Freestyle

Not sure of the Iron-on to choose? If you are Not sure of the Iron-on Transfer thay will work best with your Design. No problem, please keep reading, we have a few examples that may help you decide on the right iron-on transfer for the finish look you have in mind.

Let's break it down. Here are some Options for Your Design Iron-on.

Custom made Your Words iron-ons

Option 1 - Words Slogan Iron-on
Custom "Your Words Slogan" Iron-on Transfers allow you to express yourself with text words, dressed up with font style, and lettering color and size. With a Custom "Your Words Slogan" Iron-on Transfer, you simply type/enter your text words, choose a font from Font bunker, available in 18 colors. We make your Custom Words Iron-on in standart size ( 18x25cm ) ideal for front or back of t-shirts. Sound good?

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Option 2 - Your 1 Color Design Iron-on Transfer
Custom made Iron-on Transfers of "Your 1 Color Designs" are reproduced from your original artwork and made into high quality pro graphic heat transfers shipped to your doorstep, top quality as seen every day in fashion and sportswear shops. You custom iron-on transfers of your designs are made with your choice from our 45+ colors and textures selection and in standard industry size 18x25cm art. We ship it out in a few days along with simple application instructions for DIY printing on your own clothing with heat press or home iron, ideal for t-shirt designers, brand samples, events and more.
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Option 3 - I Heart Iron-on Transfer
Custom made I HEART Iron-on transfers come with your Words in BLACK Color ( ex: I [Heart] Gampa John ), with a RED Heart. Design size is about 25x18cm. As with all our iron-on Transfers, you print them yourself on your own stuff, like bags, t-shirts, pillow etc. Quick and easy.
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Custom Name and Number Iron-Ons

Your Name Iron-On's

Custom Name Bar (your name) Iron-on transfers come ready to print yourself with YOUR NAME.

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ID: 0550 - Custom Full Color Iron-on

Digital Full Color Iron-on Transfer for WHITE fabrics

Custom Digital Full Color Iron-on Transfer for WHITE fabrics, you email us your design, for printing on WHITE fabrics ONLY. Each transfer design maximum size is A4, ideal for quick last minute projects, events and give away promos.

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Digital PLUS Iron-on Transfer for ALL COLORS fabrics

Custom Digital PLUS Full Color Iron-on Transfer Print on ALL Fabric Colors, you email us your design within a border. Each transfer design maximum size is A4, ideal for Printing logos and designs on color t-shirts, quick turn around.

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ID: 0174 Custom Nylon Iron-On Transfers

ID: 0470 - Custom Plastisol Transfers

Plastisol Transfers of Your Designs
Custom Plastisol Transfers of Your Designs print on all fabric colors, made the same way as the traditional high quality Screen Printing Process, We color match your design colors, with the option to gang multiple designs on the same transfer sheet, sheets vary in size from 10" x 11.5" to 24" x 38". Ideal for brands and re-sellers, 50+ quantity of sheets minimum order.
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100 Custom made Plastisol Transfers SPECIAL

ID: 0094 - Custom Name and Number

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