Materials Info

Here you will find information about various types of decorative Iron-on Transfer Materials and on various iron-on Transfer Papers. Clients can order these Transfer Materials and Transfer Papers alone and use their own home computer printer, cutter or Freehand Draw Freestyle to create their own custom made iron-on transfers for printing on textile fabrics, t-shirts.  

Iron-on Transfer Materials

Iron-On Transfer Materials come in Sheets & Meter yard lengths in a variety of Colors and Textures. They print on all fabric colors and work best on cotton, polyester, and blends. Freestyle Design or use a computer graphics software and a Vinyl Cutter to create your own graphic transfers, easy Application using a Home hand iron or a heat press machine. 



Iron-on Transfer Papers

Make your full color iron-on transfers with blank Transfer paper. Use your computer, and Printer to design and print your graphics on the Blank Iron On Paper, use a Home Iron or Heat Press to print your designs on your own t-shirts or other clothing, craft projects, make samples and more, awesome DIY designing for every age. Digital LASER Transfer paper for Printing on White or Dark Fabric Colors, in A4 size transfer sheets.