Terms & Conditions


100 General Terms



All orders need to be Prepaid in full before we process them for picking, cutting or custom printing. 


All Prices are in US Dollars currency, they are Processed and converted to your currency via PayPal Online or by your bank with paper checks. 


All Sales are final since we only process orders after the buyer confirms the details of the order by providing Payment. 


YOU MUST BE OVER 16 YEARS OLD TO BUY FROM SPOT98 Please have an adult contact us if you want to buy our Products and Services. 


Applicable Taxes are Additional to the Purchase Sale Amount on the Order. These Tax amounts vary depending on where the goods are shipped. 


All Products, Services, Prices, and Availability are subject to change without notice. 


For quality purposes, Spot98 tests all products on a regular basis.



200 Order Changes



Changing Items or Shipping Address is NOT POSSIBLE AFTER 10:00 AM EST of the next business day after your Order Payment Date.

This is Because by 10:00 AM EST following you Order Payment Date your order has already been Processed, Picked, Made, Packaged and Assigned/Shipped. 

If client contact us before 10:00 AM EST following your Order Payment Date, you can: 

(a) Change Items in Your Order of the same Dollar Value ONLY. 

(b) If Item Changes are NOT of the same Dollar Value, you need to CANCEL your order and Place a NEW ORDER.

We issue a FULL REFUND within 72 Hours for Order Changes / Cancellations.



210 Adding Items to Orders & Item Exchanges



Adding items to a paid processed completed Order is Not Possible.

This is because we process every order as we receive them, separately with the according invoice/bill. 


212 Spot98 DOES NOT Exchange Items.

However, the Client may return STOCK ITEMS to Spot98 for a FULL REFUND.

The Client must place a NEW ORDER for the desired items. 



The Client may ONLY Return these Items to Spot98 by completing the Items Return Authorization Form.


214 NOT Retrunable

Custom Made Items are NOT RETURNABLE.



250 BackOrders


251 Sold Out Items Backorder

Items are placed on Backorder when they are temporarily sold out at the time the client placed the order. 

When the sold out item(s) are part of an order where there are more items that are in stock and ready to ship, we ship out the order less the sold out items, place the sold out items on backorder and inform the client. 

Sold out stock items that are placed on backorder, in most cases are back in stock within a week. 


252 Backorder Notice

When the client receives the order, we send along with the client’s order a BackOrder Notification Document ( ID: 0054 ) indicating: 

The Ship Out date for the client’s order, 

the order transaction ID, 

the final cut-off date the backorder items should be received by the client, 

the items placed on backorder and their monetary value amount. 

At any time after the client has been notified of any items in the clients order have been placed on backorder,


253 Backorder Options

The client has the option to: 

Cancel the backorder item(s) and receive a full refund for such, or 

Replace the backorder items with other alternative in stock items.




330 Returns

Please view Retail Buyers Return Policy




340 Order Cancellations


301 Complete Order Cancellation

For Order Cancellations when the client wants to cancel the order completely,

the client must contact and inform us before our Order Processing CUT-OFF TIME,

that is NO later than 10am EST of the following business day after client's Order/Purchase Payment recorded Time

to avoid Shipping / Handling and Re-Stocking Cost Charges.

As stated in Spot98 Ordering Policy. 


302 Partial Order Cancellation

When the Client wants to Cancel the Order because the Client wants to Add Items, Change Items or to Change the Shipping Address because the Original Order was NOT Correct. 


303 Cancellation Before Cut Off Time

We ALLOW the client to Cancel the Original Order for a full Refund when the Client contacts and informs us of such before our Order Processing CUT-OFF-TIME.  


304 Cancellation Adter Cut Off Time

When the Client Contacts us After the Order Processing CUT-OFF-TIME, and the Order Has Shipped Out, the Client is ONLY allowed to return STOCK ITEMS for a full refund LESS our shipping cost and a 20% RE-STOCKING fee of the Total Value of such Stock Items. 


305 No Cancellation

NON STOCK items and CUSTOM MADE items are NOT RETURNABLE and NONREFUNDABLE after we have Made them or have Shipped them Out to the Client as stated in Spot98 Item Returns Policy.




500 Payments


501 Payments NOT Allowed

Spot98 DOES NOT take Credit Card Payment Information by Phone, Email or Fax. 


502 Payment Currency

Spot98 accepts US Dollar Currency Payments as the primary Payment Currency.


503 Payment Options

Clients may Pay Online with Credit Cards and Bank Debit Cards via Paypal Payment Processing System ONLY, or

by International Money Orders or Paper Checks addressed to Spot98, or with Bank Transfers when available. 


504 Client Protection

To help protect client information, Spot98 ONLY deals with the Person that has Paid for the Order relating to Payments or ANY other Transaction Information. 


505 Paypal Collects Payment Information 

Spot98 DOES NOT Collect ANY Client Confidential Payment Information. Like Credit Card Numbers.

Paypal collects such information when Clients Pay for goods purchased on the Spot98 website.

Spot98 ONLY ships out Orders after Paypal provides Spot98 with a Payment Notification Email and Clearance to Ship the goods. 


506 Paynet Errors

Spot98 is NOT responsible for ANY Customer Payment errors.

Like double payment for the same Purchase.

However, we will refund such error payment amounts as we notice them.


507 Paypal Credit Card Processing

Paypal.com charges the Clients Credit Cards, NOT Spot98.

When there is an issue with Credit Card Statements, the customer must contact Paypal.com. 

After the Client has paid for the Order, Spot98 sends the Client an Automatic Payment Received Confirmation Notification Email to the Client's registered Email Address provided to Spot98 by Paypal. 



PLEASE DO NOT Reply to Spot98 Automatic Payment Received Notification Emails, they are Automatically generated.



In these Email Notifications, they include important information and Spot98 Client Contact Links. To Contact Spot98 about your Order or Payment, the Client must use Spot98 Confidential Contact Forms within the *HELP CENTER* Menu of the website. This is to help Safety and Protect Customers Privacy. 


509 Alternative Payment Currency

Spot98 prices are all in US Dollar Currency. We accept Payments in US dollar currency as our primary currency. These payments are automatialy converted to the client's currency (if you are not a USA resident) by the client's bank or financial institution. 

When the Client is not able to pay for purchases in US Dollar currency, please contact us.

We will do our best to assist but we do not guarantee a payment currency change will be done.

The reason we use the US Dollar Currency is because we sell worldwide and because currency values change on a daily basis, making it extremely difficult to have set amounts for all global currencies. 

We are working to set up a Spot98 sister site in the future to accept Euro Currency. 


510 Shopping Cart Overload

We understand sometimes Our Shopping Cart, Website or the Paypal Payment Processing Center may be having technical difficulties, or some other issue that creates a problem for Clients ordering and paying online. 

When this is the case and we are aware of it, we post it on our Forum Board. 


511 Always buy directly from the Spot98.

Be sure to type in your internet browser address bar the URL for the Spot98 Site. 

Do not go there from any other website. 

With Large Orders that contain a lot of different items try ordering and paying for half of the order and the other half separately.


Sometimes the Shopping Cart can overload. 

Make sure your Internet Browser Javascipt is ENABLE and that your computer's security system allows you to properly view the Spot98 site. 

Spot98 is a SAFE website.


Alternatively, the customer can mail us a Paper Check Payment along with the order and shipping information. 


514 Payment Information

SPOT98 DOES NOT take Payment Information by Phone, Email, SMS or Fax. 


515 Check Payments

Pay with Company or Personal International Money Orders or Paper Checks in US Dollars Currency.

To pay by CHECK, you simply print out the Checkout Page of your Order and mail it along with your Payment to our Head Office. 

Your Order gets Processed after your Paper Check clears the Bank. Usually a few of days.





600 Refunds



Spot98 provides Client's with Full or Partial Refunds when applicable in accordance with Spot98 Terms, Conditions and Policies. 

These refunds may take up to 72hrs to be completed or longer depending on the receiving Bank, Credit Card Company or any other Financial Institution. 

Refunds are issued in the same currency and payment method as the original payment was received.


602 Refunds on Custom Items

There are NO REFUNDS on Custom Made Items

Refund or Store Credit require the client to complete and submit the Refund Request Form.






700 Shipping



We Ship Worldwide to all Friendly Nations.

All Stock Items Ship Out next Business day.

Custom made Orders may take a few days.



Custom Plastisol Transfers and Bulk Orders Items Ship Out according to Finish Date approved by Spot98 Production Manager. 


703 Shipping Liability




All orders are shipped F.O.B. Spot98 Warehouse Toronto Canada, Lisbon Portugal, or Spot98 Global OutLet Locations.

Some Order shipping may be broken down into various parcel shipments when the goods are located and shipped from different Spot98 OutLets thru out the globe. At no charge to the client. 


705 Tracking Bumbers

All Orders include a tracking number.

Clients may visit our Order Tracking Page for the most often used Carriers.

The customer must use the Order Tracking System to check on Order/Parcel Shipping / Status.



It is NOT possible to Pay and Order from Spot98 without choosing the Order Shipping Method and Service first.

The client chooses from the various order service and shipping options.

These Include Tracking Number and Various Transit Time Options and more. 

Clients must allow reasonable transit time for delivery according to the shipping and order service chosen by the client at checkout. Sometimes there are delays beyond our control. 


It is the client's responsibility to provide Spot98 with the Correct Shipping Address and to ensure their Financial Institution (Credit Card Company, Paypal or any other Financial Institution) used to pay for the Purchases has the client's Correct Shipping Address up to date. 

We ONLY ship goods to the Address provided by the client and it must be the same as the registered Address of the person who paid for the goods. 



Custom made Items ship out after they are made. 

Because they are custom made and each custom order is different, they ship out in a few days or longer depending on the custom work required by the client.

Small quantity one of a kind items ship out quick,



Large custom bulk orders like custom plastisol transfers may take 1 to 3 weeks to manufacture. 



Also, with custom orders there high volume periods, like x-mas.

This may cause extra delays, please order custom stuff in advance if you can. 

We understand that sometimes Paypal or your Credit card company may have NOT updated your new address.

When we make a shipping address mistake, we re-ship the goods free of charge. 


When Orders are Shipped to the WRONG Address because the Shipping Address provided by the Client or their Financial Institution is NOT Correct, the Client is responsible for any additional costs of RE-SHIPPING the goods after these goods are returned back to Spot98 UNDELIVERABLE. 


In the event the customer does NOT want the goods RE-SHIPPED,

there are NO REFUNDS on Custom Made Goods.


With Year Round STOCK ITEMS a REFUND is issued within 30 days after the sale date LESS a 20% re-stocking fee of the total sale amount plus any other expenses we incur may be deducted from the total refund amount.




720 Order Tracking

721 Spot98 uses a Global Tracking Number System.

The reason for this is that Spot98 Distributes and Ships-Out it's products from various Global Locations as an effort to better serve clients, and to reduce energy consumption and waste to help protect our environment. 

When Spot98 provides the client with a "Global Air Mail Tracking Number" ( NOT from UPS or FEDEX ), it may NOT look like your Country's Mail Service Tracking Number.

However, this Tracking Number can be used to track your parcel when the destination is to the United States of America, Canada, Australia and the UK.


We are adding new countries to the list as they become available. For example:


If the parcel destination is to the United States of America (USA).

The client would visit the USPS SITE (United States Postal Service) and track the parcel there by typing in the "Global Tracking Number" provided. Note:

Because this is a new Global Linking of Mail Services between nations and their operating systems, it is not yet perfect in some situations but it is improving towards it.

The most common small problem factor here is that the Information Posted on the Various County Sites is NOT always up to the minute as the Client tracks a parcel.

This is due to International Linking of Information and other issues.

But the full information about the parcel does get displayed a short time later...and this varies depending on the Country's Postal Service System.



Tracking number information can NOT be provide by phone or fax for safety and privacy reasons.



760 Order Service & Shipping Methods



Order Service and Shipping & Handling Charges are Additional to the Purchase Sale Amount on the Order. 

Order Service/Shipping charges are automatically calculated based on Zone Destinations, Purchase Value, Type of Goods Purchased and Delivery Time.

With some odd shape goods and delivery destinations additional charges may apply, we inform you in advance during the Order Processing period. 

The Client is given the option prior to checkout to choose and select the desired Order Service. 



The Client chooses the Order Service and Shipping prior to Checkout.

In the event the Client decides to Change or Upgrade the Order Service / Shipping Method after checkout, the Client can do so by 10am of the following business day. 


Spot98 offers various Order Services / Shipping Methods.

These may change without notice to better accommodate clients and shipping costs relating to carrier prices and currency value changes. 


The Client may also choose their own Shipping Method by sending their own Carrier Company for Pick Up.

If this option is chosen, the Client must inform us immediately after the order and purchase payment.

We then adjust any cost amount accordingly. 


Clients can upgrade the shipping method to a faster service if the customer has paid for the Order during the last 12 hrs. or before the next business day.

To Upgrade, additional shipping service charges may apply.

To do so, Contact us via our Help Center. 



Online purchases/orders can be picked up by any major carrier (FedEx, UPS etc.) on the Client's carrier account when the goods are ready to ship.

The Client must inform us immediately after the order and purchase payment.

We then adjust any cost amount accordingly. 


All Orders for pickup must be PAID IN FULL before they can be released.

Online purchases/orders via the Spot98 website can NOT be picked up by the Client in person or at any of Spot98 retail outlets.

Retail outlets operate independently from Spot98 online retail store.

However, the customer may go into a retail outlet and buy the goods there in person where available.




800 Custom Work



DO NOT send us your artwork just to get OUR OPINION about you and your art.

This is to prevent future miss-understandings about the original creator of the ART. 



Customers can provide us with their Artwork ONLY after we have received payment for Custom Printing Orders.

Our Custom Printing ordering website system is setup to provide the customer with the Artwork Submit information.

Our Art Department will contact the customer soon after the Artwork has been received if necessary. 


803 Artwork Charges


SPOT98 DOES NOT fix or touch up client artwork to make it ready for production.

This is to ensure that NO changes are made to the customer's Original Art files submitted.

All Artwork must be received production ready. If not, Art Charges and production Art Proof Charges may apply.

The customer may HIRE a Spot98 artist/graphic designer to alter, fix, create or re-create customer artwork.

ART CHARGES APPLY and the customer is Invoiced for this service. 

For Custom Screen Printing Process as with Custom Plastisol Transfers or Direct to Garment Custom Screen Printing, Film Output / Screen Charges always apply.


Spot98 provides the client with 1 FREE of charge Production Proof for each Custom Printing Order/ Design.

Additional Production Proofs for the same Order/Design are $ 25.00 USD each Proof.


805 Production Approval

All volume custom orders require the customer to approve the Production Proof sent by SPOT09 before the production work begins. 

After the client approves the the Production Proof and the custom work begins,


The client is responsable for PAYMENT for the custom work SPOT98 was hired to do confirmed by the client.  



Customer's Artwork is stored in our Art Department Office and is NOT share with anyone outside our production team. T

he Production Facilities and Art Department Office is NOT open to the general public or anyone outside of our production team.

This is to ensure the Customer's Project, Artwork and any other Job related information remains Confidential. 

Production Screens are NOT Stored because we reclaim them (make new ones every-time).


807 Turn Around Time

Production Turn Around Time may vary due to the Custom nature. Usually, 3-5 Bus. days after Management Production Approval. 



After the Customer's Job is completed and delivered, Spot98 may use any of the customer's job parts (Artwork, Gang Sheets, etc.) as demonstrations or samples in tutorials, advertisements or in any other way with a Copyright notice credit of the original creator of the art/work unless agreed otherwise at the time of sale. 


Spot98 will NEVER offer the Customer's finished products for SALE unless the Customer signs a separate Sales Agreement. S

pot98 ONLY deals with the Customer directly and does NOT REPRODUCE any of the Customer's artwork for anyone else without a signed Clearance Statement from the Customer or the original creator of the art. 


Spot98 may refuse to do any work or approve a job for production for any reason.


Production Films are the customer's property.

The customer can ask for the Films used in production at anytime.

We store the Films for 1 year, not-used Films for 1 year will be destroyed and client may need to pay for new films on re-orders of the same. 

All our custom artwork, films, negatives, positives, screens, disks, etc. used in the course of production shall remain the exclusive property of SPOT98, unless agreed otherwise at the time of sale. 


SPOT98 may refuse to do any work in the event the Artwork provided by the customer appears not to be their own and without authorization from the original creator of the Artwork. 

SPOT98 is not responsible for any customer false and miss-leading representations relating to any work we are hired to do.

Customers must inform us of any copyright OR trademark content before we are hired to do the work and Provide Spot98 with CLEARANCE in writing frtom the creator of the artwork. 

All the work we are hired to do to produce goods ARE the responsibility of the customer in the event that the Artwork is not legal or authorized for re-production.




830 Custom Plastisol Transfers Policy



All First Time Custom Plastisol Transfers Orders require a REFUNDABLE Job DEPOSIT before we approve the job for production.

This deposit will be applied and deducted from the Total Invoice Dollar Amount after the job is completed.

In the event the customer cancels the Order or the job is not approved for production, the deposit is refunded back to the customer within 72hrs.



NO deposit required on Re-orders.


We recommend that ALL NEW Customers Order Plastisol Transfers Samples before proving a Job Deposit. 


All Custom Plastisol Transfers are quality and application tested before they are shipped out.

We include our application settings and a printed sample with every order.

Prices, Printing Processes, Inks and Materials may change without Notice. 


We can NOT guarantee that materials, inks and printing processes will be exactly the same in future orders.


50 Sheets is the minimum order for Custom Plastisol Transfers.

Sheet quantity prices are based on volume and sheet size. 


When Ordering the SHEET QUANTITY, allow up to 5% over/under quantity.

The client is invoiced accordingly. 


When artwork contains light colors to print on dark garments, an additional White Color Base/ Screen is required.

This is to ensure that the light colors in your artwork remain vibrant when printed on Dark Color garments.

When ordering such, just add 1 color to the price.


Color changes during a run, the customer is ONLY allowed 1 color change for every 50 sheets quantity.



890 Guarantee



All products sold by Spot98 are quality tested on a regular basis. No products are shipped out and sold without being tested by our Quality Control.


In the event you do receive a defective item, please inform us of such immediately. We Guarantee to replace any item that is defective in materials and workmanship free of charge.


NO REFUNDS, EXCHANGE ONLY or Store CREDIT NOTE within 30 days of delivery. 


There are no other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to express or implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


We cannot be held responsible for products which have been laundered with soaps containing bleach, or harsh detergents with bleach or bleach particles. 

SPOT98 carefully prints washing and application instructions on all product information sheets delivered with orders.


All Products come with FREE Extra Testers. Use them to practice the Application.



900 Wholesale


Wholesale Reseller Policy