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General Terms of Sale

Spot98 Global sells its products only through it's website or authorized resellers and distributors at retail and wholesale level for the Imprint Graphic Heat Transfer and Garment Decorating Market Sectors, plus other related markets. Online Payments Sales are made via Paypal.com payment processing website. All other payments of sales are as determined by Spot98 Global. Custom made items may not be returned for credit. Custom made items are identified on the  Spot98 Global Retail Price List. All custom orders ship within two weeks. Spot98 Global reserves the right to redesign, alter, or modify its products at any time, without notice. Any catalog, design material, price sheets, and/or other written material are subject to withdrawal or change at any time without prior notice.

Prices and Delivery

All prices shown are retail prices in US Dollars, and are subject to change without notice. Order Prices and discounts are in effect at the date of paid orders unless a written quote has been issued. In the case of a written quote, the price remains  firm to the expiration date of the quote. Prices do not include freight, taxes, or other surcharge. Delivery estimates are made in good faith, but are subject to delay due to government  restriction, failure of our suppliers to deliver, fires, strikes, or other causes beyond our control. Freight F.O.B. from all or any of our facilities, unless otherwise specified in marketing programs.

Returns and Claims

No merchandise may be returned without Spot98 Global’s written consent and authorization. Any approved returns, must be shipped on a prepaid freight basis, and accompanied by a Return Authorization (RGA) number, or the shipment will not be accepted. Request must be made within ninety (30) days of receipt invoice number and billing date. All merchandise must be new, unused, clean, and in salable condition. All returns are subject to a twenty percent (20%) of invoice restocking fee. All claims for shortage should be made in writing to our Customer Service Department within  15 days of receipt of goods. All claims for credit should be made to our Customer Service Department immediately upon receipt of potential discrepancy. 


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