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Falling a little behind on the shipping of custom made goods due to revent volume and less working days (Holidays).


Shipping: no delays on 97.6% of all stock inventory items. 

note: from January 15 to February 15 new stock items catalog include new products and some will be deleted / retired. For these discontinued items we are offering 80% off retail price, clients can buy these special sale items by visiting the  Bazar Sale Outlet page.

Production: 1 week turn around on custom orders. Such as Custom Plastisol Transfers



Product Updates


New Size Charts for T-shop t-shirts of promo and jamaica.

View sample to update all t-shop t-shirts.




Re-buiding site after a major database crash.


Updating Category: Vintage Music T-Shirts

AC DC Rock Band Vintage T-Shirts
Alabama Rock Band Vintage T-Shirts
Alice Cooper Vintage T-Shirts
Beatles Vintage T-Shirts
Bob Dylan Vintage T-Shirts
Bon Jovi Vintage T-Shirts
Boston Band Vintage T-Shirts
Chicago Vintage T-Shirts
David Bowie Vintage T-Shirts
Eagles Vintage T-Shirts
Eric Clapton Vintage T-Shirts
Fleetwood Mac Vintage T-Shirts
Guns & Roses Vintage T-Shirts
Hip Hop Vintage T-Shirts
Journey Band Vintage T-Shirts
Led Zeppelin Vintage T-Shirts
Linda Ronstadt Vintage T-Shirts
Madonna Vintage T-Shirts



New Iron-on Decals

I Heart Iron-on Decals

Designer Iron-on Decals 24 Pack

Glitter Iron-on Decals 50 Pack

Big Glitter Skull Iron-on Decals

Party Time Iron-on Decals 24 Pack



New Iron-on Decals

OHM Iron-on Decals (+pdf)

Awesome Iron-on Decals 16 Designs (+pdf)

Girly Gurls Iron-on Decals 24 Designs (+pdf)

Clipart Iron-on Decals *Updating!


Single Iron-on Letters 

Flock Single Iron-on Letters

King & Queen Decals

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