Shipping Policy

Updated: 2018-07-07

Worldwide shipping to all Friendly Nations

All Stock Items Ship Out next Business day.  Custom made Orders may take a few days. Custom Plastisol Transfers Ship Out according to Finish Date agreement with Clients.



Shipping from Spot98 Warehouse

- Orders are shipped F.O.B. Spot98 Warehouse Facilities.
- Spot98 Locations: USA, Canada, Europe, Portugal, Australia, Brasil.
- Some Order shipping may be broken down TO various parcel shipments.

Order Tracking

- All Orders include Tracking Number.
- Free Order Tracking via Spot98 Tracking Carrier company sites.
- Client must chooses Carrier company and order Service and Shipping.
- Clients must allow reasonable transit time for delivery.
- Sometimes there may be delays beyond our control.

Go to Order Tracking Page.

Correct Information

- Client's responsibility to provide Spot98 with the Correct Shipping Address.
- We can ONLY ship goods to the Address provided by PAYPAL.COM.
- Clients must provide Spot98 their Registered shipping Address with Paypal.

Shipping Custom Orders

- Custom made Items ship out after they are made.
- Large custom orders shipout according to the delivery date. Shipping - ID:0730 Shipping - ID:0740

Re-shipping Orders

We understand that sometimes Paypal or your Credit card company may have NOT updated your new address. When we make a shipping address mistake, we re-ship the goods free of charge.

When Orders are Shipped to the WRONG Address because the Shipping Address provided by the Client or their Financial Institution is NOT Correct, the Client is responsible for any additional costs of RE-SHIPPING the goods after these goods are returned back to Spot98 UNDELIVERABLE.

In the event the customer does NOT want the goods RE-SHIPPED, there are NO REFUNDS on Custom Made Goods. With Year Round STOCK ITEMS a REFUND is issued within 30 days after the sale date LESS a 20% re-stocking fee of the total sale amount plus any other expenses we incur may be deducted from the total refund amount.

Order Service

Order Service and Shipping & Handling Charges are Additional to the Purchase Sale Amount on the Order.

Order Service/Shipping charges are automatically calculated based on:

- Zone Destinations,
- Purchase Value,
- Type of Goods Purchased,
- Delivery Time
- parcel weight.

With some odd shape goods and delivery destinations additional charges may apply, we inform you in advance during the Order Processing period. The Client is given the option prior to checkout to choose and select the desired Order Service.

Shipping Methods

The Client chooses the Order Service and Shipping prior to Checkout. In the event the Client decides to Change or Upgrade the Order Service / Shipping Method after checkout, the Client can do so by 10am of the following business day.

Spot98 offers various Order Services / Shipping Methods. These may change without notice to better accommodate clients and shipping costs relating to carrier prices and currency value changes. The Client may also choose their own Shipping Method by sending their own Carrier Company for Pick Up. If this option is chosen, the Client must inform us immediately after the order and purchase payment. We then adjust any cost amount accordingly. 

Upgrade Order Service & Shipping

Clients can upgrade the shipping method to a faster service if the customer has paid for the Order during the last 12 hrs. or before the next business day. To Upgrade, additional shipping service charges may apply. To do so, Contact us via our Help Center.

Pickup Orders

Online purchases/orders can be picked up by any major carrier (FedEx, UPS etc.) on the Client's carrier account when the goods are ready to ship. The Client must inform us immediately after the order and purchase payment. We then adjust any cost amount accordingly. All Orders for pickup must be PAID IN FULL before they can be released for Pickup.

Online purchases/orders via the Spot98 website can NOT be picked up by the Client in person or at any of Spot98 retail outlets. Retail outlets operate independently from Spot98 online retail store. However, the customer may go into a retail outlet and buy the goods there in person where available.



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