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Recycle Creativity

Make one of a kind freestyle design All Over Printing on t-shirts using ScrapBoy t-shirt design method. You will need a shirt and a bunch of assorted scrap iron-on DECAL transfers. Then you play around and start pressing these DECAL iron-on transfers on the shirt one at a time. A craft protector Re-Usable Teflon Sheet helps because you do not want to destroy what you have printed on the shirt as you add and layer more prints. Have a look at the ScrapBoy Gallery to see some ready made Freestyle "Recycled Creativity" Printed t-shirt samples.

Fun way to Print T-Shirts

The best thing about this improvised method of t-shirt design is that you will not know how it will look like until you call it quits. This is a fun way to make your own one of a kind t-shirts without spending a million dollars. Still not sure what all this means ? read more about Scrap Boy's T-Shirt Design Method. Go freestyle with All Over Printing pack of assorted T-Shirt Decal, Letter and Number Sheets, deco Vinyl, Flock, Glitter iron-on decal Transfers, and more!. View Buy  Freestyle Decals Pack.

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Recycle Iron-on Decals

Recycle Iron-on Decals

Scrapboy Recycle Iron-on decal packs for all Over Printing On T-Shirts Freestyle. Packs Contains various assorted T-Shirt iron-on Decals,&nb..


Blast Off Scrapboy T-Shirts Collection

Blast Off Scrapboy T-Shirts Collection

Availbable in all sizes unique Blast Off T-Shirts, a scrapboy Collection. To order, ENTER the t-shirt design ID number, select t-size and quantity. ..


Love Conrad Black T-Shirts

Love Conrad Black T-Shirts

Scrapboy I Love Conrad Black T-Shirts...


Parkdale World Famous T-Shirts

Parkdale World Famous T-Shirts

Parkdale World Famous T-Shirts. 1990s parkdale shop era created a freeze frame reflection t-shirt story. Availbable in all sizes. To order, ENTER the t-shirt de..


Primavera T-Shirt Designs Collection

Primavera T-Shirt Designs Collection

One of a kind t-shirt art created by Scrapboy from scrap transfers. Primavera T-Shirt Designs Collection available in ONE size tees only. To order, EN..


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