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Use Scrap Iron-on Transfers

Scrap Iron-on Transfers are heat transfers that are left over extras on production job over runs, some may be damaged, or may not be the exact color or size. In other words, the screen printed plastisol ink and glitter in graphic heat transfers can not be sold at full price. Often end up on a shelf gather dust or in the garbage as they start to pile up the crib.  These ink transfers get damaged very easy when men handling, because the inks sit on the transfer paper in a semi-liquid fragile type stage you may say, and it does not take much to scratch them. However, after they are Heat Applied on a t-shirt for example, using the correct press time and pressure, these INKS harden and bond with the garments. As the traditional screen print process, they are long lasting, and durable in the wash and wear.

Create Improvised Collage Theme Designs


Great Quality Art Graphic Iron-on Transfers 

It is a crime dumping great art in the recycle bin because some small imperfection do not make it to the first quality rank. These are created, designed and made by very talented artists waiting to be tossed in the trash. It is a waste of art and environmental pollution. T-Shirt Design Method by Scrap Boy is very simple, you use these transfers in various ways to create your own one-of-a-kind shirts. If you are not familiar with plastisol ink iron-on transfers, the design comes in Mirror Image on a sheet of transfer paper. You face the ink side down and the paper side up when you apply them with a Heat Press or Home Iron. 


Shaping The Story



Are Tools required? 

Your thumb and nail, scissors, sand paper or whatever else you can find around the studio to achieve the effect you're looking for. You can do whatever you like to modify the original transfer. You can: Tear the edges. Scratch off some of the Ink. Cut them into little pieces. etc... You lay out your iron-on transfer parts on a shirt and start printing them. Tip: Start from the background and work it to the foreground. View Printed shirt samples in the ScrapBoy Gallery. 

  • You Print the decals one at a time on the shirt.
  • You can modify the original decal designs if you want.
  • Tear the edges, or scratch off some of the Ink, cut it up.
  • Start printing from the background to the foreground.

Recycle it! be good 

Recycle iron-on transfers, letters, numbers and designs to create your own on impulse all Over Freestyle One of a Kind t-shirt design. Get the Scrapboy Decal Transfers Pack. The Transfer Pack Box lands at your door step ready to use, along with super easy general application instructions, tips and FREE Extras to play with and shake up fashion. Better yet, get the T-Shirt Party Pack, and invite your friends over for a T- PARTY.  Pack Contains 20 assorted T-Shirt Decal, Letter and Number Sheets, deco Vinyl, Flock, Glitter iron-on decal Transfers, and more!.  


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