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It's Free and No strings Attached.

Join us and start selling products and services online on your website, street location store or from your promotional marketing office. Choose from our Affiliate Sales, Re-seller Outlet Store, Fulfillment Sales or Wholesale options. 

Affiliate Sales Opportunity 

Become a Sales Affiliate, its FREE and at No Cost to you. Spot98 Shop affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site which advertises Spot98 Shop or specific products on it. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission. The standard commission rate is currently 5% to 15%. For more information, visit our Affiliate Policy page. Affiliate Sales Partners earn rewards for each customer sale automatically. Our market has grown, resulting from our product quality, price and client service. Affiliates are given the opportunity to set up an affiliate program to promote additional traffic to your shop. Affiliates will receive a commission for each time they direct traffic or sales to your site. The commission % can be adjusted.

Create Affiliate Account

Affiliate information is obtained directly from the Affiliate Signup Form, or is added automatically when the affiliate complete the form on the Affiliate page. The Payment Details are setup and configured with the commission and payment methods to be paid to the affiliate. The Affiliate Signup or Login page can be accessed from the footer section of every page on the site. The affiliate will need to create an affiliate account on the Signup page. A form on the page includes the same fields seen in the General and Payment Details area. When the affiliate completes the form, the affiliate information will be filled into the General and Payment page. After the affiliate creates their account in the store front, the affiliate will need to be approved by the Spot98 administrator. 

Affiliate Policy

Affiliate Commission

The Affiliate Commission Report can be accessed from Reports Commission page.  This report keep track affiliate commissions for referring customers to the store. The Affiliate Commission Report displays the following information: 

Affiliate Name: The name of the individual / company acting as an affiliate for the store.
E-mail: The e-mail for contacting the affiliate.
Status: Shows if the affiliate is enabled or disabled.
Commission: The commission amount made from a customer purchase.
Total Orders: The number of orders obtained through this affiliate.
Total Earnings: The total amount that this affiliate has earned through the affiliate program.

Affiliate Signup

Outlet Store

The primary reason to set up Outlet Stores is to provide our customers with better service and faster delivery of goods throughout the Globe. By setting up *OutLet Stores* in various geographic locations we will be able deliver our products next day to most Global Destinations. The other great thing about setting up this *OutLet Store* Global Network Program is that we will reduce energy consumption, freight delivery costs and waste. All these improvements will amount to additional  savings, and increase community based economic growth for local *OutLet Stores*. 

Apply for an Outlet Store Permit. The reason we have decide to issue "OutLet Store Permits" is to control our product quality and workmanship. We may also require that you have basic experience making "Custom Iron-On Transfers",  the Equipment and Materials, and Shipping & Receiving know how. But it's NOT necessary if you  are selling our ready made STOCK ITEMS. Earn extra income, apply for a Spot98 Outlet Store License. Get OutLet Store License

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FulFillment Service

With Spot98 FulFillment Services you can Sell Spot98 products on-line or off-line. The products get shipped directly to your clients with your company name and you follow up with your own customer service. Spot98 Fulfillment Services is Simple. Customers place order on your site or off-line. You Forward Spot98 the Orders from Clients with Payment Less your Profit. Spot98 ships out the Orders to Your clients.

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Wholesale Accounts

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