Team iron-on transfer Number kits in athletic style numerals come in 7 sports league colors. These Sports numbers are the ideal size for printing player numbers on the back of jerseys, they are 8" tall, look and fit nice on adult or kids team t-shirts, jerseys. Available as sports number kits for Volleyball 6, basketball 12, fun office 15, roller derby, soccer / football 21 and baseball 25 player numbers. Quality screen printed numbers, print them yourself on your own player jerseys, easy Application, work on all color jerseys (black included), durable and washable. All number kits come with free sample and numbers run consecutive, ex: 6 player kit includes the following numbers, 1-2-3-4-5-6. 

8" Tall Number kits: 

6 Player Numbers Kit - 1 to 6 Consecutive Numbers. 

12 Player Numbers Kit - 1 to 12 Consecutive Numbers

15 Player Numbers Kit - 1 to 15 Consecutive Numbers

21 Player Numbers Kit - 1 to 21 Consecutive Numbers

25 Player Numbers Kit - 1 to 25 Consecutive  Numbers 

All Team Kits

Product Details
Product Player Jersey Numbers. Team Kits.
Type SpotPro Screen Printed Heat Transfers.
Options Team Kits of 6, 12, 15, 21 and 25 Player Numbers.
Use For printing on Sports Jersey, or other Textile Items.
Size 8 Inch Tall ( 20.32cm ) Tall Iron-on Numbers
DIY Use Home Iron or Heat Press. Print on All fabric colors on Cotton, Polyester and Blends. No sewing required. Application Instructions and Free Tester Included.
Care Wash inside out, cold, Dry low temp. Hang to dry recommended. Do not directly iron or steam clean.
Color Choice White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green.

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Team Iron-on Numbers Kits 8 Inch

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