Payment Options



How can I pay?


(1) You can Order and pay Online instantly with TURBO-PAY Checkout: with Credit Cards, Bank Cards or with Paypal Account.  

(2) You can Order Online and Pay Purchase Invoice with EZ-PAY Checkout: with CASH, PHONE or Bank Transfer. 



Credit Cards & Paypal Payments

Turbo Pay Checkout

To Pay with Major Credit Cards, Bank Cards, or Paypal you will need:

(a) Your Credit Card or Paypal Account details. 

Processed by: Worldwide.



IBAN Bank Transfer Payments

EZ-PAY Checkout

To Pay with Bank Transfer we send you an Invoice for Payment, you will need:

(a) Our IBAN Account Number.

(b) You will need a bank card to transfer the payment to our IBAN Account. 

Processed by: Banking Institutions and Transferwise Europe

List of Countries using IBAN: DnB Bank Int.

What is an IBAN?

IBAN is short for International Bank Account Number. It identifies an person's bank account, bank, country, used in the Europe.




Cash Payments

EZ-PAY Checkout

To Pay CASH in Person at any of 500 Agent Locations in over 200 Countries, you will need:

(a) Your Government issued Identification. 

(b) The Receiver Name as in their Government-issued ID

(c) The Receiver Address, City, State, code, Country.

Processed by: Western Union Worldwide.



Telephone Payments

EZ-PAY Checkout

To pay with your Telephone call the Telephone Money Transfer hotline, you will need:

(a) To call: 1-800-CALL-CASH - US to US money transfer.

(b) Your Government issued Identification. 

(c) Your credit **** or debit card information.

(d) The Receiver Name asin their Government-issued ID.

(e) The Receiver Addres, City, State, code, Country. 

Processed by: Western Union USA. 



Note: Your transactions fee will vary, based on the options you chooseand third party financial institution charges.