Order Processing

This page contains the various Email Notifications sent to clients relating to the Ordering Process. 

01 New Order Placed

Client Places Order. Spot98 contacts the client.

Order Received Email Notification

02 Client Information Required

When additional information is required that was not included in the order, spot98 contacts the client. 

Order Processing Client Information Required Email Notification

When all the required information is obtained, Spot98 contacts the client.

Order Processing Complete Email Notification 

03 Sold Out Items

When there are Items Out of Stock included in the client's order, Spot98 contacts the client and offers the alternative options to replace the sold out items with other in stock items or place the sold out items on backorder and ship them to the client when they come back into stock.

Order Processing on HOLD Sold out Items Email Notification

After the client reply with their choice for the alternative replacement or backorder option, Spot98 contacts the client with the order change.

Order Processing Complete Order Changes Email Notification 

04 Send Us Your Artwork

When it is a custom order and Client Artwork was not provided or it is not ready for production. Spot98 contacts the client. 

Order Processing Send us Your Artwork Email Notification

When all the required elements and Client Artwork is approved for production, Spot98 contacts the client. 

Order Processing Complete and Approved for Productions Email Notification

05 Additional Charges Payment Request

When there are any additional changes to the original client order that incur additional costs, spot98 contacts the client and sends the new Invoice or and additional Invoice or other Payment request to the client. 

Order Processing Additional Charges Email Notification

Order Processing Payment Required (Invoice or Payment Request)

After the client has paid for the additional charges, spot98 contacts the client.

Order Processing Payment Received Confirmation Email Notification

06 Order Canceled

Thank you for your interest on our products and services. This Email Notification is to inform you your Order Was Canceled. If you have paid for the order in part or in full, our credit department will be contacting you relating to any transaction Refund Amount you may be entitled. 

Order Cancelled Email Notification

07 Order Refund Complete

Let us inform you we have refunded Your Order Payment

Order Payment Refund Complete Email Notification

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