Custom Job Spec Sheet

The job specifications sheet ( aka spec sheet ) is a very important element for any custom work we do. It details the customer's information about the work we are hired to do in order to reproduce the clients artwork or ready to wear printed apparel as a finished product professionaly made within the decorating trade industry standards. The details of a spec sheet vary from job to job due to the fact that not every custom job is exactly the same. Some are basic in details others are high detail projects. The following is an example of client provided information on a job spec sheet: 


Design name: MyDesign final.

Colors: Qty 3 / standard red, black + white. 

Size: 12x10 inches

Format: Vector EPS ( mydesign.eps )

Font: Converted to Curves

Copyright: James Dio


Job Run

100 Plastisol Transfer with adhesive

To be printed on Black T-Shirts Unisex, Jersey knit 100% cotton.

Print Layout: Front Center


Delivery Date and Location

My business contact, email and address.

Ship via Fedex. Delivery Jan 1, 1969


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