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We offer 3 types of custom iron-on transfers to reproduce your designs for printing on clothing (tshirts etc.). Each one of these 3 printing processes offer certain features and characteristics, that make each one of them different. They vary in the finished product look and feel, durability, graphic size and color options, quantity requirements and order turn around time.

The creation of the artwork design is the most important element and the keystone for the production of heat transfers. Creating the artwork with the understanding and the capabilities of each of the printing process, inks, colors, materials, textures, sizes etc.. used to achieve the end finished transfer result as it was thought out in the begining. The artwork preperation is extremely important, if not ready for production it can slow down all jobs with addtitional costs of art charges. So is your Artwork Ready? ...Learn More.



SpotDeco Iron-on Transfers

Available for 1 Color Artwok graphic designs, the clients choose the color of their design from our wide range of stock solid colors and textured colors.

Some of these colors and textures are unique and  can not be reproduced with other printing processes. Ex: holographic iron-on that changes color, the metallic chrome finish and more. The solid colors are fashion forward and the color codes also complement the sports league standard colors for sports team iron-on transfer player numbers, lettering for names and team logos.

The fuzzy 3D raised texture of Flock iron-on transfers continue on the most popular chart for that vintage lettering look. Plus the premium Glitter iron-on's and other fashion prints like snake skin are the ideal for fashion garment decoration. More Info about Custom Flex Printing.



SpotDigital Iron-on Transfers

Available for printing designs with any amount of colors, including photographs. For printing on jersey knits or no-stretch fabrics. Require high maintenance in the wash and care, will start to fade, short life span. Designs print on white fabric, for printing on dark fabrics designs artwork must be provided to us enclosed within a border. Next day turn around time. More info about Digital Printing.


Screen Print iron-on Transfers

Available for printing designs with various spot colors, we match the plastisol ink colors to your design colors. High quality printing on all types of fabrics and clothing. Durable, machine washable. Designs can be reproduced in solid colors, glitter colors, and percentage shades. Special ink formulation can be done to achive various finishes and textures. Distressed, raised puff. More info about Screen Printing. (plastisol transfers)

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