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Let us help you with your project. There are various factors to consider when Custom Printing your original artwork logo design on blank items. These factors play a part on Pricing, the finished product and its Durability. It is wise to learn about the factors involved, this will ensure your Project's success. 

What type of printing is best?
We offer 3 types of custom printing of your designs as Heat Transfers or on clothing. Each one of these 3 printing processes offer certain features and characteristics, that make each one of them different. They vary in the finished product look and feel, durability, graphic size and color options, quantity requirements and order turnaround time. 
1. SpotDeco 1 Color Printing Only.
You must choose the color of your design from our wide range of stock colors and textures. Some of these textures and look can not be reproduced with other printing processes,like holographic, chrome finish and more. Gained recognition with Vinyl printing, often used on sports jerseys. The pop 3D raised texture of flock, Glitters and more. Next business day turn around time, maximum output 400 units/day. 
2. SpotPro Screen Printing.
We match the plastisol ink colors to your design colors. High quality printing on all types of fabrics and clothing. Durable, machine washable. Designs can be reproduced in solid colors, glitter colors, and percentage shades. Special ink formulation can be done to achieve various finishes and textures. Distressed, raised puff. 
3. SpotDigital Full Color Printing
Full Color Digital Printing - Ideal for 1 - 50 quantity 1-2 weeks turnaround time. Maximum output 960 units/day. Available for printing designs with any amount of colors, including photographs. For printing on jersey knits or no-stretch fabrics. Require high maintenance in the wash and care, will start to fade, short life span. Designs print on white fabric, for printing on dark fabrics designs artwork must be provided to us enclosed within a border. Next day turnaround time. Maximum output 480 units/day.

Is your artwork finished and ready? 

This is important because once printed on the blank items it is done. It is best to spend a little time making sure the artwork is finished and ready to print. Look at the factors involved that relate to your Artwork and the Blank Items it will be Printed on. These Blank items are not made of paper, they are made of different fabric content ( cotton, polyester etc. ), and come in different colors, your design should compliment the Blank Item. 


What fabric are you printing on? 

The Blank Item Knit Type ( Jersey Knit, Rib Knit, Fleece etc. ) is a factor not to be ignored because this may effect the finished printed detail of your artwork design and It's durability. 

Artwork Colors
In most cases, the more colors in Your Artwork, the more expensive it gets. If your Artwork Design has Solid Colors like Black, White, Yellow, Gray etc. DTG Screen Printing or Plastisol Heat Transfer Printing Processes are the economical way to Print your Design on quantities of 50 Plus. To print ONE or a FEW with these Printing Processes will cost you, because there are one time setup charges like Film Output and Screens

For Low Quantity (One or a Few) multiple artwork color graphics printing, SpotDigital Transfers (aka Photo Transfers) is the most economical way to go. 

For Large Quantity (1000 plus) multiple artwork color graphics printing. Spot4CP Heat Transfers (4 Color Process Heat Transfers) is a good choice. These Heat Transfers are like the 70's, 80's Iron On's. Of course there are other options of printing processes but dependent of the fabric type, and more. Also, keep in mind that designing for Shirts is different from designing post cards, someone will be wearing your design. 


Artwork and Print Size

The Larger the Artwork Design Size the more expensive it gets. Designs always look small on paper, we recommend you pin your Artwork Design (paper version) to the Blank Item you are planning to print, for example a Girly Fitted Tee and have a girl friend try it on. This way you can see the porpotion of your Artwork Design relating to the Blank Item, the visability and how it looks on someone wearing your Design. 

Industry Standard Artwork Sizes 

There are approximate Industry Standard Artwork Sizes. Sometimes because your Artwork is a 1/4 Inch too big this may end up costing you a lot more money. Always provide your Artwork's Exact Size ( example 6" x 5 " ) to anyone that is involved with your project. This prevents your arwork from being re-sized by accident when Artwork digital files are passed around via email or with fax transmissions, etc. Below are basic Print Sizes to determine how big Your Design should be when printing it on Shirts, Panties and Hats.

Mini-Size Prints: Up to 4" Wide
Small-Size Prints: Up to 6" Wide
Medium-Size Prints: Up to 8" Wide
Large-Size Prints: Up to 10" Wide
X-Large-Size Prints: Up to 12" Wide
Max. Sizes for Printing on Shirts, Panties, Hats. 
Printing on the FRONT 
Unisex T-Shirts - Adult Sizes Up to 10" Wide / Back Up to 12" Wide 
Girly T-Shirts - Adult Sizes Up to 8" Wide / back Up to 10" Wide 
Unisex T-Shirts - Kids/Junior Sizes Up to 6" Wide / back Up to 8" Wide 


Print Layout and Materials

There are Standard Layouts that are used but there is nothing stopping you from creating your own Layout, keep in mind that if you decide to print over a t-shirt shoulder seam this may effect the look of your design. Flat and smooth printing areas work best. 
Plastisol Ink Transfers 
These are screen printed heat transfers. They color match to your design colors and effects can be created like Sparkle Glitter, Raised rubber feel, Reflective and Soft to the touch. These Inks are the best quality and machine washable. 
Material Transfers 
Like Fuzzy Velvet Flock, Shiny Film, Felt, Reflective, Holographic, Glitters etc. are Computer cut using a vinyl cutter or Die Cut. They are not Screen Printed. These materials give you texture, are heat applied with No Sewing Required. 

Blanks Items and Quantity

Blank Items are what you are Printing your Design on. It is best to choose the blank items with a design in mind that you want to print on them. This way you can choose the blank item knowing what inks and/or materials you are using. This helps because not all Designs work well with different Blank Item Fabric Content or Knit. For example, line drawing designs look good and last forever on tight knit fabrics like Fine Jersey, it will NOT look as good or last on Stretch Rib Fabric. The more you print using the same design, style and colors the Less the Price per unit is. You can print One or a Few or start at 50 per design and get Bulk Prices. 

Job Proof and Client Job Info 
Q: I was having trouble going in to view the order, not sure if I was doing it right. If you could let me know how to see the order and if this can be done as one unit I would appreciate it. 
A: As rule all custom orders go to production after the client receives and approves the job. The proof or job description may be done via quote job description, sample graphic, printed sample proof etc. it depends on the job. 

The client provides the spec-data production info, such as item, size, color, type, etc. and from there we look at the client needs and purpose in order to be able to provide the highest quality, reasonable cost, and on time delivery included in the price quote for the job. 
Shipping Graphic Heat Transfers

As for shipping the order as one unit, yes we do that. Of course if the entire transfer size is 50cm x 75cm for example, it is best to ship it cut down to save shipping costs and the risk of transit damage. Our Standard 18x25cm is a good size for application and transport.  
Please keep in mind with custom work all jobs are different, and to ensure a happy ending it helps to start and follow thru to finish. Have a set finish date, plan ahead and let us know when you are ready.



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