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There are various factors to consider when Custom Printing your original artwork logo design as iron-on transfers or directly on blank items such as t-shirts, fleece and more. These factors play a part on Pricing, the finished product and its Durability. It is wise to learn about the factors involved, this will ensure your Project's success and a happy ending. 


What type of printing is best me?

The type of printing process best for your artwork and project will fall under at least one of the 3 types of custom printing options we offer, to reproduce your designs as Heat Transfers or DTG printing on clothing or other textile items. Each one of these 3 printing processes offer certain features and characteristics, that make each one of them different and unique. They vary in the finished product look and feel, durability, graphic size and color options, quantity requirements and job order turnaround time. 


What basic information is required? 

  • Total colors in artwork?
  • Artwork colors (ex: yellow + pink )?
  • Exact size of artwork? 
  • Artwork vector format (ex: file type: eps, cdr)?
  • Blank items your artwork be printing on?
  • Blank items Content (ex: 100% polyester)?
  • Total quantity required?
  • Delivery date and location? 



Of course there are more details involved but the above are the basic to get started in choosing the best printing process for your project. For more details have a look at the comparison chart below for the Main 3 Printing processes. Let's start with the Decorative Materials Printing process.


Printing Comparison Table Chart

Basic outline of printing process.
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Printing Comparison Table Chart


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