Custom Job Setup

This page is an overview of a general job setup. Depending on the client custom printing details and printing process the job setup and preproduction vary. For more info on setting up to run a job, please go to the printing process pages for:

Custom Decorative Materials Printing Process

Custom Digital Laser Printing Process

Custom Screen Printing Process


Artwork Submit

The first step is receiving the final artwork from the client ready for production. This envolves the client sending the artwork via email or via site upload. 

Free First Job Proof

Our art department examines the client art and prepares it for production, it requires production approval by our manager and after its approval the artwork in our system generates a PROOF that is sent to the client for approval. Please note that any additional proofs or artwork submits by the client are not free, there are addtional "Art Charges". Please make sure your art is production ready before you submit it. After it is approved by the client we then schedule the Job Run in order to meet the delivery date. 

It is important to understand that custom printing and graphic arts are 2 different trades. Yes they are most of the time related but diiferent type of work. 

What are Art Charges? 

Art charges apply when ous staff spend extra time with the clients artwork or any related details. These may include, additional job proofs, screens, production film and more. Please contact our art dep. if you have any questions. It also applies when creating or recreating the client's artwork for production. We base our prices at $ 60USD / HR.


Custom Printing Help

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