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+ No Minimum quantity. Order 1 or more.

+ No Design Color Quantity Limits.

+ Design Sheet Sizes up to 19" x 38"

+ High resolution Design reproduction.

+ Clear Background, only design prints.

+ Designs come on Clear Sheet Facing up.

+ Easy DIY Application. No mess to clean up.

+ Use Home Iron or Heat Press for application.

+ Application instructions & Free Sample.

+ Decorate clothing & otheri textile tems.

+ Print on Cotton, Poly & Cotton/Poly Fabrics.

+ Durable and washable.

+ Use them up as you need, long shelf life.

+ Custom made item ship in a few days.


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! Important !

Nylon and textiles with a hydrophobic impregnation are not suitable for heat transfer.

We recommend to use the sample to test the transfer application before you start printing on your own items.

We recommend POLI-TACK 854 or POLI-TACK 853 to help with the application process.

Any problems please contact us. We are here to help and to ensure a perfect application.


Application Settings


Print the transfer Design Image Facing Up.

Temperature: 160-180 °C / 350 F

Downward Pressure: medium pressure

Iron / Press Time: 10-15 sec.



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Heat-sealable, printable Polyurethane film (white) Iron-on Transfer.

Suitable for printing on ALL Fabric Colors bright and dark textiles.

The transfer is used for printing motifs and logos onT-shirts, clothing,  sport, leisure, work wear and other textile items. 


Wash Care

Wash resistance: 40 °C
Suitable for tumble dry.
Only colour or mild detergent.
Wash textiles inside out.


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Your Designs can be in 1 Color, Multi Colors, Full Color or Photo.





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High Resolution


custom flex print transfers


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Transfer Film: Polyurethane, cast
Adhesive: Polyurethane-hotmelt
Thickness [mm]: 0,10 +/- 5 %
Liner: PET-film, non adhesive


Print & Cut

POLI-FLEX® 4016 is compatible with all current printers using ECO-solvent and solvent inks.

The non-adhesive PET film liner allows even filigree motifs to be cut by all current CAD/CAM plotters after printing.

Due to the various influences which occur from production and transfer of plotter letterings, consistency of the carrier materials and also washing and cleaning conditions, product liability can only cover the unprocessed material.


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Poli-Tape Group® Video



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Gang Sheet example


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Manufacturer Safety Sheet

When used under normal conditions, this product does not generate or release any dangerous substances or hazardous chemicals. This is a non-hazardous product in accordance with the current GefStoffV and EU criteria. Therefore it is not necessary to prepare a Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

The Safety Data Sheet serves only to comply with the regulation to supply information in accordance with REACH Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 and is available on request.

This product is not a hazardous product with regards to transportation legislation; neither does it contain substances that are hazardous to water within the meaning of the federal water act. After use, dispose of the waste product in accordance with the local / national authorities.

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