Full color digital iron-on transfers offer high resolution graphics that can be applied on various types of printable items, such as t-shirts and more.

There are no minimum quantity requirements, clients can order 1 only, a few or larger quantities at discount Volume Prices.

They are made by Forever Brand Iron-on Transfer Papers. Easy to apply with home iron or heat press. Quality iron-on transfers, durable and washable.








+ Soft touch Finish DIGITAL WHITE.

+ Screen Print thick ink feel DIDITAL DARK.

+ No Minimum quantity. Order 1 or more.

+ Discounts on Quantity Orders.

+ No Design Color Quantity Limitations.

+ Designs can be full color or photos.

+ Design Sheet Sizes up to 6" x 9".

+ High resolution Design reproduction.

+ Clear Background with DIGITAL WHITE.

+ Any COLOR Background with DIGITAL DARK.

+ Designs come Facing DOWN with DIGITAL WHITE.

+ Designs come Facing UP with DIGITAL DARK.

+ Easy DIY Application. No mess to clean up.

+ Use Home Iron or Heat Press for application.

+ Come with Application instructions & Sample.

+ Decorate clothing & other textile Items.

+ Print on Cotton, Poly & Cotton/Poly Fabrics.

+ No Sewing required. Durable and washable.

+ Long shelf Life. Use them up as you need.

+ Custom item ship in a few days.

+ Custom Volume Order ship on agreed date.


NOT Recommended 

This type of DIGITAL Transfers DO NOT work on NYLON or other heat sensitive items.

For printing on NYLON we recommend:

Custom Nylon Transfers



Order Digital Iron-On Transfers








Custom Digital Transfers are available in 2 types:


for printing on WHITE color fabrics ONLY.


for printing on ALL fabric Colors.








Custom Full Color Iron-on Transfers For Printing on WHITE Fabrics.

Design Sheet Size: 6"x9"

digital white

Order Custom Iron-Ons For White







Custom Full Color Iron-on Transfers For Printing on ALL Fabric Colors.

Design Sheet Size: 6"x9".

digital darks

Order Custom Iron-Ons for Darks






Design Sheet Sizes


Digital WHITE and Digital DARK Design Sheet Size.

MEDIUM 6" x 9"


Gang Sheet

We charge by Design Sheet Size, colors and quantity. We DO NOT charge by Design quantity.

By Ganging multiple designs on a sheet will reduce the over all unit price.

Clients may Gang up to 4 designs per sheet. Leaving 1" (2.5cm) between each design.

Also provide the Gang Sheet Artwork ready for Production.


Gang Sheet Examples






Quantity Discount Prices


Quantity Discount Prices are based on the total quantity for each individual Design Sheet Order. 

Quantity Discount Prices are NOT based on the total order of Multiple Design Sheets. 








Order Digital Iron-On Transfers








After checkout, clients may send us their artwork designs finished and ready for production approval, according to the Artwork Requirements below. This will help us get your custom transfers done right, quick, and delivered on time.

Artwork Requirements


+ Provide Artwork ALONE in its Exact Size.

+ File Type: JPG Only. ( no png or any other )

+ 300 DPI Resolution, with NO Distortion.

+ DIGITAL WHITE color white output as CLEAR.

+ DIGITAL DARK color white output as WHITE. 

+ DIGITAL DARK Design perimiter border Required.

+ Artwork must be ready and Finished for production.

+ Designs must NOT infringe on copyright or trademarks.


To send us your finished artwork go to:

Artwork Submit Page


We do not charge clients for minor changes or re-sizing of their artwork providing the client authorise us to do such graphics work.
However, for our Graphics Dep. to create or re-create clients artwork or ideas, Art Charges apply for such work.




Order Digital Iron-On Transfers








All Iron-on transfers are tested on a regular basis to ensure quality, and easy application.

Application Instructions are sent with all orders for all transfer types.

These transfers work on Cotton, Polyester and Cotton / Poly Blend Fabrics.

They DO NOT Work on NYLON and other heat sensitive fabrics.

Test Application with the Extra Transfer Material sent not used, before printing on your items.


Application Instructions


+ Iron the area where you will be printing the transfer to remove moisture and wrinkles.

+ Cut out the extra transfer sheet around the graphic design you want to print.

+ Position the graphic design iron-on transfer where you will be printing on the t-shirt.


+ Iron-on / Press-on the graphic design transfer according to the Application Settings.


Application Settings


The application settings are based on using a Standard Home Hand Iron and Manual Heat Press Machine equipment to print.
These setting may very depending on Location Environment Climate, and equipment used.


Home Iron & Heat Press


Temperature: 180 C / 350 F

( Cotton Setting on Most Home Irons )

Downward Pressure: Medium

Press Time: 10-15


DO NOT Let it cool.


Common Errors


Problem: The fabric color of the shirt is absorbing de graphic design.

Fix: You are Over Printing. Reduce Settings gradually until it is perfect.


Problem: The graphic design is NOT printing on the t-shirt.

Fix: You are Under Printing. Increase Settings gradually until it is perfect.


Application Help Resources


Digital Application FAQ's

Watch Application Videos


Application Assistant






Application Videos



Digital Application Videos




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digital whit transfers



digital dark



Order Digital Iron-On Transfers




Custom Transfers


We offer various types of Iron-on Transfers. To learn more about all Transfer types and the best option for your Designs visit the page below:

Custom Transfers Info





All information given is for guidance purposes ONLY since there are any different factors involved in producing custom iron-on transfers. 


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