Custom Plastisol Transfers Job Color Changes

When clients place an order for custom plastisol transfers, we price the job according to the client's request is for quantity, artwork colors, based on our  price list. However, client can also add various options to the job run. One of these options is to have us do Color Changes during the job run. By doing color changes and NOT including more colors in the transfers sheet saves money.  


The client's custom plastisol job run is:

100 Transfer sheets total in one color BLACK.

But the client wants 50 in BLACK color as in the original order but also wast 50 in RED Color.  So 50 BLACK plus 50 RED = 100 Total Sheets.

In this example above, the client would ADD 1 COLOR CHANGE to the original order.  

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Number of Color Changes Allowed

Clients can have us do Color Changes when running Custom Plastisol Transfers Job, Please note each color change must be at least 25 sheets. View the Color Changes Allowed for Various Quantity Runs Below: 

 - Job Run 50 Sheets Total - 1 Color change.

 - Job Run 100 Sheets Total - 3 Color changes

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Color Changes

  • $ 20.00

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