Custom Printable Blank Items

Blank Printable clothing apparel and other printable Accessories Items such as hats, caps, bags, banners and more, are what you are Printing your Design on. It is best to choose the Blank Printable Items with the design in mind. This way you can choose the blank item knowing what inks and/or materials you are using and the possible printing process type options, cost, durability and other related factors. This helps prevent major project errors, because not all Designs and printing processes work well with different Blank Item Fabric Content and fabric types.

For example,

Line drawing designs look good and last forever on tight knit fabrics like Linen, they it will NOT look as good or last long on Stretch fabrics. 

For printing on Nylon fabrics, the designs must be reproduced with inks or materias specifically made for Printing on Nylon.


The more you print using the same design, blank item style and colors the Less the Price per unit will be. You can print One or a Few as sample runs or start at 50 per design and get Bulk Prices. 


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