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There are approximate Industry Standard Artwork Sizes. Sometimes because your Artwork is a 1/4 Inch too big this may end up costing you a lot more money.

Always provide your Artwork's Exact Size ( example 6" x 5 " ) to anyone that is involved with your project. This prevents your arwork from being re-sized by accident when Artwork digital files are passed around via email or with fax transmissions, etc. 

Below are basic Print Sizes to determine how big Your Design should be when printing it on Shirts, Panties and Hats.

Mini-Size Prints: Up to 4" Wide

Small-Size Prints: Up to 6" Wide

Medium-Size Prints: Up to 8" Wide

Large-Size Prints: Up to 10" Wide

X-Large-Size Prints: Up to 12" Wide

Max. Sizes for Printing on Shirts, Panties, Hats. Printing on the FRONT  Unisex T-Shirts

Adult Sizes Up to 10" Wide / Back Up to 12" Wide 

Girly T-Shirts - Adult Sizes Up to 8" Wide / back Up to 10" Wide 

Unisex T-Shirts - Kids/Junior Sizes Up to 6" Wide / back Up to 8" Wide 



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