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How to?

Q: The iron-on is not working, it's not sticling to the shirt using my Home iron.


A: Hi there, we are here to help. 

Is the room you are working hummid? if so iron the shirt to remove all the moistura and wrinkles too.

Use an ironing table or similar hard flat surfaceto iron-on the transfer.

Make sure you are using the application instructions/settings for the same transfer type. Because the application varies from the various types we make. 


The most often used transfers are: 

SpotPro - Screen Printed spot color Ink Transfers.

Superglitz - Screen Printed Glitter ink Transfers. 

SpotDeco - Decorative iron-on transfers such as flex, flock, glitz, holographic and more.

SpotNylon - Vinyl transfers for heat sensitive fabrics like NYLON.

Spot Digital - Full color iron-on transfers.


More info about Iron-on Transfers




Test the Application

Test the application with the sample iron-on we sent you using the application instructions for that specific transfer type. We package the transfer with the equivelent application instructions and tester. 

These iron-on transfers are quick and easy to apply. If they are not working well for you, one ore more little adjustments need to be tested until they are perfect. 


Lets start with the following check list. 



Is the iron you are using heating up to the necessary temperature? 

Have you tried a different iron? 

Does the iron have a cotton setting? if so please use it. 

Is it set to the setting temperature?


Downward Pressure

Are you applying the correct pressure? 

Iron with up and down motion, using downward force regulated as (medium) or (hard). Do not iron from side to side. 

Try to press it on evenly, do not stop and try to give every area of the transfer the same equal heat and pressure. More important with larger transfers than the iron platten. 


Press Time

Press/Iron the transfer according to its application setting. You may need to decrease or increase the press time in seconds to get it perfect.


Peeling Off

The peel off the transfer paper is important. Be sure to follow the recommended peel of and practice if you need. 

If you start to peel off thje transfer paper and the ink is not sticking. STOP. Re-heat and press down the transfer again and increase the settings a little. Heat, press time and pressure. 


Ok, give it a try. 

Also checkout our application videos. 

To get the application instruction/settings or print a paper copy, please select the iron-on type below: 


SpotPro Iron-on Letters and Decals



Spotpro Name and Number




Superglitz Glitter Iron-on Letters and Decals




Lettering, Numbers and Decals Application

Q: The quote was for all individual letters and numbers. I was wondering if there is a way to apply these as on complete iron on or do they need to be applied separately
A: If you send the text in as words ( I love my Boss ) and not as ( IloovemBss ) we would send it so that you would be able to apply as the words ( I love my Boss ). For Large size Monster Lettering  or huge Iron-on Decals, it is best to apply them individually if you are using a home hand iron.
A Large size heat press machine allows you to press down evenly with equal downward pressure, temperature and press time. Hard to successfully emulate the application with a home iron when printing large iron-ons, beyond the iron platen size. However, we do format our Heat Transfer Size for both the home iron or heat press, they are about 18x25cm maximum size, they both work well with Home Iron or Heat Press application. We do recommend you get a re-usable Teflon sheet, it helps.


View Application Instructions

All orders ship with application instructions for the specific iron-o transfer type.


Application Videos and Tips

We recommend watching our application and tips videos for more detail DIY printing.

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