Store in a Box License

With a Spot98 Store in a Box License you will be able to sell Spot98 Products and Services to your local client market and also provide fulfilment sales via Spot98 Global Clients. To obtain a Store in a Box License please Contact us. Be sure to read and understand the Terms and Conditions Policy before you enter into the Spot98 Store in a Box program agreement.

Trade Name License

When you are granted the use of a Trade Name by the original owner aka a Title Transfer, the original owner will continue to hold title to all copyright of the name and any other related creations ( logos etc. ) to the Trade Name.

When the Trade Name is used in newspaper advertisements, or marketing campaigns for example, it is wise to attribute via citation the Name of the original creator to avoid copyright infringement. By doing so it actually elevates the Trade Name you now hold title as a company asset.

Generally speaking, a Title Transfer of a Trade name is basically part of a Franchise Purchase Agreement. In the event you use the Trade Name and deliberately as defacement or to fail below its value prior to the title transfer, the original creator and owner may suffer damages beyond his control.

Because the Trade Name is used to gain sales and profits, it is wise to execute an agreement right from the start with the original owner to have copyright clearance in exchange for a percentage of sales payable to the original owner of the Trade Name for example. Of course this type of agreement may vary depending on the use of the Trade Name, Zone and more. Since the Trade Name title transfer was based to increase its value and to operate within an industry sector to generate sales as a business.