Do you have Specials on Multiple Item Purchases?

Q: I’m interested in buying the Basketball 12 player number kit bu I would also like to purchase the Custom Team Name to print on my player jerseys.

A: Yes we offer various product item related multiple items specials. See the current list below:

Custom Team Kits Pack Specials 10% Off

Save 10% when you order a Team Pack Special that includes Player Jersey back Number, front player jersey Number and Jersey Player Name or Team Name. These are made of Professional Flex material iron-on transfers, you print them yourself on your own Player Jerseys with home iron-on or heat press machine.

How are spotpro iron-on transfers made?

SpotPro Transfers are made of Screen Printing Plastisol Inks. There are various processes within the manufacturing of this type of heat transfer, but overall these transfers are made via the  traditional Screen Printing Process. Using plastisol inks, with other elements, adhesives and such. After the Camera Ready Artwork is provide along with the Job Sheet ( aka specifications or line sheet ), our work begins with ganging all the artwork for the job on jumbo size sheet, and output the film for screens. Learn more about Screen Print Plastisol Transfers

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