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Iron-on Letters

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With these Iron-On Letters ( aka T Shirt Letters ), you choose from 25 Lettering Styles, and Classic Fonts, including color matching Iron On Numbers. Also Available are custom decorative personalize lettering from 1/2" to 15 inches" ( 1.27 - 32.20cm ) Tall in a wide range of swatch colors with over 47 Deco Lettering Colors in various Textures, like fuzzy flock, and bright glitter and holographics.

"You print them yourself on your own clothing."

They are easy to apply with a Home hand Iron, or Heat press machine, Iron On Transfer Letters and Numbers are used to decorate fashion garments, t-shirts, sports jerseys, banners, bags, and other textile items. They print on all fabric colors ( black t-shirts ETC. ) and work well on cotton, polyester denim, fleece and blend fabrics.

"They are professional grade heat transfers."

Ideal for fashion designers, personalized clothing, sports teams names and numbers and more...! they are high quality, durable, and machine washable.
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Alphabet Sheets

SpotPro Screen Printed Lettering

SpotPro screen printed iron-on letters are made the same as the traditional screen printing process, they come screen printed on alphabets sheets, you simply cut them out of the alphabet sheet and iron-on them on yourself to clothing and other textile items. They are high quality and durable in the wash and wear. These items ship out next business day.

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SuperGlitz Glitter Screen Printed Lettering

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Decorative Materials Iron-on Letters

Decorative Flexo Iron-on Material Lettering are available as Custom Made to Order, in a wide range of Lettering Font Styles, and in Sizes 1/2" to 12" Tall, in 47 vibrant Colors and Textures.
The Iron-on Lettering Material types vary from Flexo Vinyl, Fuzzy Flock, Holographic, Flake Glitter, Chome, Metallics, Neon, Refective, to the latest in vogue Fashion Prints.
Decorative Materials alphabet transfer Letters, Numerals, Symbols and Puctuations come on Carrier Sheet - Facing UP ready to apply on Your Own T-Shirts, Dog T-Shirts, Ribbons, Blankets and other Textile and Leather items. They work best on Cotton, Polyester, Denim, Fleece and blends fabrics, and print on ALL fabric colors ( ex: black t-shirts ). Use a Home Hand Iron or Heat Press Machine to apply, come with Easy to Follow Application Instructions along with Free Testers to practice. High quality, long shelf life, durable in the wash, NO sewing required. These items ship out in a few dates.

Old School Iron-On Letters

SpotPro + GlitzColors

SpotPro 7 Classic Colors
White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Green.

Available with SuperGlitz Screen Print "GLITTER", made with plastisol glitter mix inks.

SpotDeco Colors

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SPOT FLEX Transfers

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