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Custom Plastisol Transfers

Custom plastisol transfers made with your artwork graphic designs.

Choose the best finished product from a variety of different Custom Plastisol Heat Transfers types. Screen Printed Hot Peel Plastisol Transfers for the garment decoration industry in solid SPOT colors, GLITTER colors, or both spot and glitter, for printing on jersey knits and stretch fabrics.

Specialty Custom plastisol transfers

Spot color process transfers, 4-color process transfers, glitter ink transfers, and specialty adhesives and ink formulation for every type of custom platisol iron-on transfers application. Along with 35 years of experience in printing t-shirts, we guarantee a happy ending with all Custom Iron on Transfers projects.

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Custom Glitter Plastisol Transfers

About Custom Plastisol Transfers

Custom Plastisol Transfers Sheet

Custom made Screen Printed Plastisol Transfers

Custom made Screen Printed Plastisol Ink Iron on transfers are a cost effective way of re-producing your designs. Your designs are Screen Printed using the Spot Colors Process of traditional screen printing on Transfer Paper Sheet.

We color match the inks to your design's colors at NO EXTRA CHARGE using Pantone Color Codes. With SpotPro® Iron-On Transfers application is quick (5 seconds hot peel) and print perfect everytime. If you are pressing 1, 100, 0r 10,000 garments (T-Shirts for example), with SpotPro® Iron-On Transfers get the job done faster.

New Old School Plastisol is Back

If you need the old style screen printed plastisol transfers, you are in luck. Guess what? we are now manufacturing the Old Style because we have pulled out the old manual transfer making equipment just for fun. But everyone is now asking for those good old retro vintage 70's and 80's style plastisol transfers so here you have it. New Old School Custom Plastisol is Born.

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More in Detail
About Plastisol Transfers

Plastisol Transfers Types

Custom SpotPro Plastisol Transfers


SpotPro Plastisol Transfers are by far the top designers choice. Extremely durable even in the sports active wear sector. They are a multi purpose type transfer. They print great on all fabric colors (black skirts etc.) and on stretch frabrics like rib knits or lycra/spandex blends, and also on a wide range of fabric types, like jersey, fleece, denim and more. These are screen printed Transfers with a special Adhesive, this adhesive allows them to stretch and makes them extra durable in the wash and wear. Another great feature about these Transfers is they can be Pressed with a Home Hand Iron or Heat Press Machine (Only 5 seconds press time).
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Custom SuperGlitz Glitter Transfers


If your are looking for a Glitz Sparkle look, this is it. SuperGlitz Plastisol Transfers are made with the best sparkle glitter inks. They are unique, very very sparkly and hard to reproduce with other materials. They have a look of their own and depending on the Ink Mix, they can feel like vinyl and red colors can look like wet lipstick. Special adhesives can also be used to make them stretchy and extra durable when printing them on stretch fabrics. Designs can have 1,2,3,4...colors, your art colors need to be seperate and the cost is about 2 times more than regular plastisol transfers.
Available ONLY in: X-LARGE SHEET 11.5x18in. (29.2cm x 45.72cm), 100 Sheets Minimum Order
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0472-barbie glitter transfers

SpotHD plastisol transfers

Custom SpotHD Plastisol Transfers

High definition

SpotHD (High Defenition) Custom Plastisol Transfers
SpotHD Plastisol Transfers are ideal for high detail artwork graphics. Smooth to the touch and durable. They are High Detail Transfers to print on ALL fabric colors. The (c)Red Stripe sample is 3" wide, notice the thin black line outline? that is extremely fine printing. These transfers are like the SpotPro type but made with extra fine screens. They too can be made for stretchy fabrics.

Available in: All Sheet Sizes - 50 Sheets Minimum Order

SpotEZ plastisol transfers

SpotEZ Custom Plastisol Transfers

This is our super saver budge transfer. Less expensive than the rest, ideal for large runs, great quality transfers for the doubt. SpotEZ® Regular Hot-PEEL Plastisol Transfers are your basic transfers. They are made to print on Jersey Knit fabrics with NO-STRETCH.
Available in: All Sheet Sizes - 50 Sheets Minimum Order

Spot4CLP plastisol transfers

Spot 4 color process Custom Plastisol Transfers

Spy4CP Transfers

This transfer printing process is used when the artwork is a photo type design with alot of colors and blends. The set up and preperation to run a 4 color process job involves alot of art prep-work, for this reason we only run 4 color process transfers using the Jumbo Size transfer sheets with a minimum run of 500 sheets. Of course with a large run like this you transfer cost per design becomes very attractive. The Jumbo transfer sheet can yield about 20 full size chest designs.
Available in: Jumbo Size Sheets Only - 500 Sheets Minimum Order

Sheet Sizes Jumbo Size: 24" x 37" (60.96cm x 83.98cm)

SpotLITHO plastisol transfers

Spot Litho Custom Plastisol Transfers

Back in the seventies these were the most popular transfers. Below is a photo from an original collection of rock bands from the 70's. Notice they are in a MATTE finish. Soon after they were also made with GLITTER around the edges.

SPOTLITHO transfer sample

If you are planing on turning your own designs into this type of transfers to be applied on t-shirts etc. be prepaired to spend some dollars. This is a four-color process (Off-Set) type transfer ( this means you can use unlimited colors ) that provides high photo like detail. It is impossible for a screen printer to directly print on shirts with this litho-end result. But who knows, there are brilliant screen printers out there and sooner or later it will get done too.
These Iron-on's print well on all fabric colors and are ideal for large production runs like magazine insert promotions, or like the 70's type transfers printed on shirts at the mall. You can apply them to shirts etc. with a home hand iron (w/6"x8" size designs or smaller) or heat press machine. Manufacturers of this type of Iron-On Transfers in most cases are set up to run large size transfer sheets. The economical way to manufacture these transfers is to run a collection of designs because the set up costs are high and a standard run will involve printing at least 1,000 sheets. So it only makes sense to use more than one design.

How much does it cost ?
First of all, it is best to do a samples run. This will pay for all the set up work involved and you get back samples of the finished product. Sample runs range from $ 1,000.00 to $ 1,500.00 or more. Yes, it's not cheap and there are only a few manufacturers in North America that do this type of work. Assuming you are happy with the samples and run 500 full sheets and each sheet contains 20 different designs, you get back litho-transfers that are cost effective.