Custom Plastisol Transfers

custom plastisol transfers

Screen Printed Custom Plastisol Transfers

Custom plastisol transfers are made with your artwork graphic designs using with the traditional Screnn Printing process. They come ready to apply on a release transfer paper for quick application on textiles, t-shirts, fleece, denim and most knits with or without 30% stretch.

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How does pricing work?

Custom plastisol transfer prices are by SHEET SIZE

For this Special we offer the Standard 12"x14" most used transfer sheet artwork size. You can have more than one design per sheet. AKA Ganging.

Art/Sheet Design Colors

Our Base Prices start with 1 Color Designs per Transfer Sheet. If your design includes more that 1 color, additional design colors are additional to the base price per transfer sheet. See example below:

100 Sheets with 1 Color Design:
100 x $1.45/sheet = $ 145.00 USD.

100 Sheets with 2 Color Design:
100 x $2.35/sheet = $ 235.00 USD.

500 Sheets with 3 Color Design:
500 x $1.40/sheet = $ 700.00 USD.

Standard Art Sheet Size 12" x 14"

Your design must be 12"x14" maximum in size. You can also group ( aka Ganging ) various designs that are smaller in size on the standard 12"x14" transfer sheet.

SAMPLE sheet size 12x14 inches

Specialty plastisol transfers

Spot color process transfers, 4-color process transfers, glitter ink transfers, and specialty adhesives and ink formulation for every type of custom platisol iron-on transfers application.

Along with 35 years of experience in printing t-shirts, we guarantee a happy ending with all Custom Iron on Transfers projects.

Choose the best finished product from a variety of different Custom Plastisol Heat Transfers types. Solid bold, high definition, puff, metallic and more.

Screen Printed Hot/Cold Peel Plastisol Transfers for the garment decoration industry SPOT colors, GLITTER colors, or both spot and glitter, for printing on jersey knits and stretch fabrics. Also available are our state of the art 4 color processs plastisol ink heat transfers.

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