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About Iron-on Deco Transfer Materials

Transfer Deco Iron-On Materials are used to decorate clothing and other items. Available in material sheets and in meter yard lengths in a variety of colors and textures.

They print on all fabric colors and work best on cotton, polyester, and blends. You can freestyle or use a computer graphics software and a vinyl cutter to create your own graphic transfers and print them yourself on your own clothing and more, ... using a home hand iron or a heat press machine to apply.

These Heat Bond Iron-On Transfers / Paper come with a heat bond adhesive glue on the back side. Ideal for do it yourself applique freehand designing.

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Various Types Iron-on Transfer Materials

Viny Iron-on Material, is slick with a screen print look.
Flock Iron-on Material, has a raized 3d look, with a soft velvet feel.
Holographic Iron-on Material, changes color with light position.
Glitter Flake Iron-on Material, is very sparkly.
Glitter Premium Iron-on Material, is extra sparkly.
Metallic Iron-On Material, is reflective.
Chrome Iron-On Material, is extra reflective.

Material Sheets

You can Buy Materials Sheets and Meters / Yards to make your own iron on transfers and print them yourself on your own t-shirts and other clothing, blankets and more. Ideal for textile decoration. Available in a huge color selection and textures.

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Artist Resource

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Iron-on Transfer Papers

Make your Iron On Heat Transfers. Use your computer, graphic software and a lazer Printer to design and print your graphics on our Blank Iron On Paper.

Then, you simply use a Home Iron or Heat Press to print your designs on your own t-shirts and more...!

Buy options for Heat Transfer Papers.

Design and Print on T-Shirts, and other clothing, craft projects, make samples and more, awesome DIY designing for every age. Digital LAZER Transfer paper for Printing on All Fabric Colors are available in A4 size transfer sheets, for computer desktop graphics, to print on t-shirts and more.

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Application of Transfer Papers

Digital Transfer paper works with most LAZER printers with no special inks required to make your own custom t-shirt transfers. You simply hand cut around the graphic, or use a "Print and Cut System". With a Print and cut systems you can print the transfer design on the sheets and let your cutter cut out the designs.

Easy DIY T-Shirts with this Iron-on Digital LAZER LIGHT & DARK heat Transfer papers, aka T-Shirt Iron On Paper, ideal for DIY printing of "Your Own Designs" from start to finish. They are quick and easy to work with, we send you simple application instructions along with FREE Testers for you to practice if you feel it is necessary, or view our onlins videos for more assistance. Of course you can always contact us anytime. Iron-on Transfer Papers ship it out next business day world wide via air mail. Landing on your door step ready for you to start your digital heat transfer printing on your own stuff, t-shirts and other textile items.
Use your own computer PC, Tablet, Nootbook, or any hand held instument, Iphone, Ipad, Nokia, LG and so on, down load an app if need be and get your design done. Create your Graphic Art, with these Iron-on Heat Transfers Papers. Feed the transfer thru your Home Lazer Printer and the first step is done.
Next you take the Transfers Paper with your designs alread printed on it, cut out the extra paper if necessary, layout and place Your Design on the shirt where you want to print your design. Use your Home Iron or a Professional Heat press, or take it down to the local t-shirt shop and let them ioron it on for you, peel the transfers paper and You Are Done ! and personalized. Perfect for all that create.

For Digital PLUS (for darks) be sure to Print the Graphic Facing Up
Just follow your printing instructions and feed the paper 1 sheet at a time. Do not Mirror image and print the graphic on the blank side of the Transfer paper.

Use a Heat Press Machine for best results. Set the temp. to 350F, Pre-Press the fabric/shirt for a few seconds to remove any moisture. Position the transfer with the graphic FACING UP on the shirt, cover it with a Teflon sheet/craft paper. Using Medium pressure, Press it for 20 seconds, rub it as it cools, allow it to cool completely then gently remove the teflon sheet.

Virtual Studio

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Teflon Sheets

When creating stuff using iron on's that work with heat bonding elements, it is wise to keep on hand re-usable Teflon Sheets. This material / tool is used in many ways and it is necessary with various printing techniques. Re-Usable Teflon Sheets can be use over and over to print stuff, they help hold the Iron-On Materials, Letters and Decals Designs DOWN FLAT when necessary, and Prevents them from MOVING and SLIPPING. Teflon Sheets also PROTECT your Iron-on Application on shirts etc... from your Home Iron or Heat Press Machine Direct Heat. Teflon Sheets are NECESSARY when creating Multiple Layer Printing. They protect the already printed layers as you print new layers. Also used in other situations too. Like if you need to repair printed items, re-heat to re-print iron-on's, ...and more. Teflon Sheets can be used with Various types of Decorative Iron-On Materials and various Screen Printing Plastisol Ink Heat Transfers. You may say that Teflon Sheets are, the * MAGIC ACCESSORY * for Do It Yourself Iron-on Printing Projects.

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