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lettering info

We offer 2 Types Lettering

1. SpotPro : Screen Printed Lettering
2. SpotDeco : Decorative Lettering

Both SpotPro and SpotDeco types of Textile Lettering, iron-on letters, numbers, and symbols are high quality, professional grade, and durable in the wash and ware. What makes them different are their visual and to the touch characteristic, for example the materials used like plastisol screen printing inks vs. thermo film or flock transfer materials.

The manufacturing process for both types achieve a quality graphic heat iron-on transfer that is user friendly, quick application and work everytime.

Application is done using a home hand iron or heat press machine. No sewing required and print on all fabric colors and work great on cotton, polyester and blend textiles.

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SpotPro Screen Printed Lettering

Spot Color screen printed heat transfer iron-on letters and numbers are made the same way as the well known Screen Printing process using plastisol inks.

When you purchase SpotPro Alphabet Iron-on Letters , or the Color Matching Iron-on Numbers or the Iron-on Team Kits , they all come screen printed on a Paper Transfer Sheet with Application Instructions ready to apply.

Glitter Alphabet iron-on Letters aka "SuperGlitz" are very sparkly screen print ink, also come with easy to follow Application Instructions , and the popular cutup sheet Iron-on Decals to combine with your t-shirt design or crafting project.

These are pre-made stock items available in stock year round. Available in classic Font styles, 10 spot colors, 4 Glitter Colors and standard sizes. Durable in the wash and wear, look great and feel soft to the touch.

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Decorative Lettering

Decorative Iron-on Letters, Numbers and symbols are all Custom made according to client specifications.

They are shipped on a Carrier Sheet ready to apply with home iron or heat press, no sewing required, and work on all fabric colors and on most textiles.

These Decorative Lettering Iron-on transfer materials are manufacture by Poli-Tape Germany.

Available in 25 font lettering styles, 47 colors and textures like Fuzzy Flock, Trippy hologram, flex Vinyl, flock, chrome, glitter, holographics, flurecent, glow, metallic, and more. Deco Iron-on letters and numbers can be custom made from tiny small 1/2" ( 1.2cm ) up to 15" ( 30cm ) tall.

You choose, from Greek Style Letters, Sports Lettering, Fancy Girly Glitter, Specialty Nylon and other heat sensitive fabrics, ideal for your personalized iron-on transfer letters or words slogans.

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