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Looking for Iron on Letters Decals? found us.

Spot98 offers ready to print Lettering, aka Iron-on Letters. These color match our screen printed Iron-on Number and fun Spice Up Iron-on Decals Transfer designs to create your own Custom Printing Personalized stuff, like your Words Slogan printed front and center on a ringer tee top, or Your Design iron-on transfer, cool hip funky or vintage style on a hoody or t-shirt tank top.

Iron on transfers aka Stickers you got to have it, for online stickers you are in luck because we are easy to find in Toronto, Lisbon, NY, La and the rest of the globe. Enjoy.

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Be original, be free.

Create your own stuff.

These Iron-On's are quality graphic heat transfers, ideal for Garment Decoration, t-shirt design, crafts, sports numbering, team player names, jersey numbers, logos, and perfect to dress up any textile item or clothing you may want to design, id, or re-vamp.

Step into the Lipstick color Capsule Iron-On Universe, the original "Custom T-Shirts 70's Era". Do it yourself with Spot98 iron-on transfers, it's easy and fun for the entire family.


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Custom Printing Your Designs

Spot98® Graphic Heat Transfers est. 1976 and Learning...!

All iron-on transfers (aka t-shirt iron-on's) we manufacture, print on all fabric colors. You can apply them with a basic Home Iron or with a Heat Press Machine. No sewing required. They work well cotton, polyester, linen, denim, fleece and blends, including Lycra®, Spandex® blend knits. They are professional grade, and durable in the wash and wear. We guarante it.

New Feature for New Year Jersey Numbers for Sports teams and to trend back in vogue the Classic Vintage Rock t-shirts, including Crumb, Roach and many Iron-on favorite decals. Well, Keep on Tuckin' and Enjoy!


Be Free.

Be Natural!

Speak your mind.

Front and Center on a T-Shirt.

Don't hold back, let the universe know who you really are, be original, just be you. Personalize your stuff, yours alone.

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Recycle Creativity

Recycle Creativity

ScrapBoy Freestyle® T-Shirt Design You asked for it. So we are re-vamping the All Over Print on t-shirts with Scrap Boy's T-Shirt printing method. There is also a short plug about this on our blog.

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