Let's Get Personal !
With Iron On Letters and Decals.

Looking for Iron on Letters and Decals to make your own stuff? If so, you found us. These iron on transfers ( a.k.a. iron-on's) print on all color fabrics, like black t-shirts, using a home iron or heat press.

Here we are, experience a Flashback to the "Custom T-Shirts Era. Step into the The Spot98 Iron-On Universe, a Lipstick color capsule capture from the 1970's, birth place of the Original Custom T-Shirts with iron-on letters, iron on decals, and done while you waite. Downtown Toronto, N.Y. LA. the crib is juppin with a hot press, stick it on baby, ...a fun place to visit for the Entire Family.

" Iron on Letters sometimes allow you to express yourself
in ways you normally wouldn't.
Iron On Letters printed front and center on a shirt speak freedom. "

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Making you happy, make us happy. We want your business, always here to help with your project, and making sure you get the goods on time is what we try to do with out fail. Shipping World Wide Delivery to all friendly Nations. Always trying to improve the service as the internet grows beyond the web surfing elite towards Virtual Freeze as clients expect more as the art of decorating t-shirts, fashion and technology continue to change. Service Award.

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