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Let's Get Personal !
With Iron On Letters and Decals

Looking for Iron on Letters and Decals to make your own stuff ?
If so, you found us. These iron on transfers print on all fabric colors ( black t-shirts etc. ) with a home iron or heat press. Order online and experience a flashback to the "Custom T-Shirts While You Wait Era", Step into the *The Spot98 Iron-On Universe*, a lipstick color capsule from the 70's, birth place of the Original Custom T-Shirts store, T DoT - Toronto. Fam t-shirts, ...a fun place to visit for the Entire Family.

Iron On Letters - 25 Styles in 47 Colors

Do It Yourself with Iron-On Letters and Numbers, view these iron-on letter styles, and if you're not sure how to use them, visit the DIY Lettering Info page, to Learn More About: Iron On Letters / aka Heat Press Letters, large variety of fonts, sizes and colors.

"Iron on Letters sometimes allow you to express yourself in ways you normally wouldn't. Iron On Letters printed front and center on a shirt speak freedom."

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Iron-On Letters
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Custom IronOns
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Iron-on Materials
Iron-on Materials
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Player Names / Team Logos

Team lettering, NUMBERS and logos of your choice and design to print them your self (DIY) " Your Own" team jerseys and sports uniforms.
These iron-on heat press Sport Team Player Kits player number kits and player name and number sets are quick and easy to apply with a Home Iron or Heat Press Machine and the extremely quic (5 seconds) with a Heat Press Machine. They work on all Jersey Cotton, Polyester, stretchy (Lycra/Spandex) blend fabrics and on MESH, an on ALL Fabric Colors (Black Jerseys etc.). Very durable, machine washable.

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Rockit 21 Player (8") Numbers Team Kit
Rockit 15 Player (8") Numbers Team Kit
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Rockit 15 Player (4") Numbers Team Kit
Rockit 21 Player (4") Numbers Team Kit
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Team Bride


Pro Staff / Security T-Shirts and Polos

Custom T-Shirts for Party Event Promotional

digital designer
View Staff T-shirts and Tops
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deco lettering

Custom Made Decorative Letters ~ Numbers - Decals

Spot98 offers a wide range of custom made lettering, numbers and spice up decals. You simply choose the size Letters or Numbers you need and we custom make them for you. Available in a huge color and texture selection:

greek IRON-ON letters single letters spotdeco- 20 packs letters
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SpotPro Letters

Iron-On Letters

Our selection of Iron-On Letters include Screen Printed Alphabets sheets of Heat Transfer Letters in Classic SpotPro Colors and SuperGlitz Glitter Iron-On Letters. We also offer Decorative Iron-On Letters, Numbers and Symbols, these come pre-cut on a clear transfer sheets in Holographic Glitter (trippy), in Fuzzy soft FLOCK raised texture, Vinyl (Screen Printed Look) and Metallic (slick reflective finish). Everyday specials, have a look at T-Shirt Iron On Letters Specials!. All our Letters and Numbers are supper easy to apply.

Alphabet Letter Sheets A-Z

Using Alphabet iron on letter sheets is a cost wise method for craft lettering projects. These iron on letters come in a variety of colors ( White, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Gold Yellow, Green and Pink ), in the classic IRON ON LETTERS Font Styles.

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Glitter Iron-On Letters
Glitter Letters

Glitter Iron On Letters Alphabet Sheets

Glitter Iron On Letters have been and continue to be in vogue. Looking back at the 70's Pump Glitter Iron On Letters and the Disco Era Glitter Iron On Letters, a sense of Glitz ( Big Time Sparkle) comes back to life on todays fashion t-shirts.

The explosion of Body Graphic Tees has placed Gothic Glitter Iron on Letters on the trend wave, along with the Bold Sparkle Glitter Lettering often used by fashion designers from the streets of New York to Paris. Glitter Iron On Letters come in standard sizes and in various colors. Glitter Silver, Glitter Gold, Glitter Red and Glitter Pink.

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Iron-on Numbers

Jersey Iron On Numbers for Sports

The NEW Metallic Silver and Gold Jersey Iron On Numbers like the Soccer World Cup Pros use or to spice up shirts like fashions designers from UK England do. These iron on numbers come up to LARGE 12" Tall in size in a huge color selection. White, Black, Red, Grey, Blue, Pink, Navy, Green, Kelly, Orange, Columbia, Forrest Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Gold Yellow, Lime Yellow, Purple, Neon, Metallics and Glitter Colors, ...and more!

The best part is you can order 1 (One) Number only, a few or as many as you need. No Minimums.

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Football Numbers Team Kit
Football Numbers
Team Kit

Volleybal Numbers Team Kit
Volleyball Numbers
Team Kit

Team Kits

Team Kits come in a variety of Jersey Iron On Numbers and Player Name Iron On Lettering styles, and you can also create your Team Name or Team Logo. All of these you print them yourself on your own Team Gear Uniforms player jerseys, t-shirts, shorts, jackets, wam up suits, joggers, coach and trainer sports uniforms.

We have created a special for custom made Roller Derby Player Name and Number Sets. Because roller derby teams have fun player name and numbers that are different from your normal player lettering jerseys, like with 2 and 3 line numbers and names.... example: HOT LIPS 12AM.

Big 8" Tall - 15 Player Numbers Kit ~ $ 15.00 / kit

This Big 8" Tall iron-on Numbers kit comes in the classic league colors, Black, White, Red, Gold Yellow, Royal Blue, Green. We have also included the color PINK because of client demand and for Roller Derby Teams.

We also offer:
4" Tall Team Number Kits.
15 Players Complete Sports Team Packs.
21 Players Complete Sports Team Packs.

You can order single and same number packs and iron-on number sheets:

Soccer Numbers : 21 Player Iron-on Numbers Kit

Spot98 Professional grade and popular Soccer Numbers aka Football Numbers in many parts of the world are used in many Soccer Football Leagues, fun Office Team Jerseys, and yes... the Spot98 U10 Soccer Team wears them too.

Sports Teams Numbering : 15 Player Sports Iron-on Numbers Kit

Gear Up with Player Iron-On Numbers for your Team - 15 Player Number Kits (1 thru 15 Consecutive Numbers). In league colors and number sizes range from 1" / 2.54cm to 12" / 30.48cm Tall.

BasketBall Numbers
BasketBall Numbers
Team Kit
New Roller Derby Team Kits
New Roller Derby
Team Kit
Baseball Numbers Team Kit
Baseball Numbers
Team Kit
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bride pride Party Decals

Iron On Decals Catalog

Iron On Decal designs for DIY (do it yourself) printing on your own shirts, skirts, socks and other apparel. We stock 3 main types of decals in the Iron On Decals Catalog.

1. Screen Printed Iron-On Decals : Plastisol Inks

Stock Spice Up Decals and Classic T-Shirt Decals are iron on decals that can be used alone printed on shirts or used together with our color matching DIY iron on letters and numbers, available in solid classic colors (Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink) and in Spakle Glitter colors (Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, Red Glitter, Pink Glitter).

These t-shirt decal designs are available in a large selection, like Icons, Hearts, Skulls, Stars, Lips, devil girls, and more...! Also Girls GLITTER Iron-On Decals ...too many to mention here. Like: Bitch, Princess, Sweet 16, Queen, Rock Star and more...!

Also available are STAFF - SECURITY and Cheerleading Decals

2. Vinyl Iron-on Decals (aka Vinyl T-Shirt Decals)

We offer a wide variety of Vinyl Decal Designs for t-shirts. The bonus about these decals is that you can choose the decal design color ( Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Navy, Grey, Apple Green, Orange, Yellow, Hot Pink and more!),

3. Vintage Iron-on Decals (originals circa 60's, 70's, 80's 90's)

To make a long story short, our founder was a vintage iron-on decal collector. He purchase all vintage decals he could find from individuals and clear outs from companys (Stahls Canada - Airwaves - Impulse - KKJ and more!), Music, rock art, funny, etc. - He could not allow these vintage decals (some designed by great artists) end up in flea market t-shirts... like Britney Spears, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kiss, Karl Bang and so on! So, here you will find these vintage iron-on decals for sale (not cheap). Because they are old, we sell them printed on shirts, in other words we print them for you due to the old school t-shirt printing method.

Staff Decals

Security Decals
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Custom Printing
Custom Printing

Custom Iron-On Transfers

Your entire Words Slogan iron on's with Iron On Letters, Numbers, Symbols and Punctuations come pre-spaced and ready to print on your own t-shirts. Your Words Custom Iron-On's are vailable in 25 colors in various lettering styles: Retro Vintage, Sports, Rockit, Script, Baby, Mash, Bubble, Graffiti, Varsity, Athletic, Funk, Ireland, Greek Lettering and more...! You choose from Flock Flex Vinyl, Glitters and Metallic textures.

Your Designs - Custom Iron-On Heat Transfers
We manufacture your transfer designs, make them ready to apply, and you apply Apply/print them yourself on your own garments.

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custom screen printing

Custom T-Shirts with - Flex - Digital - Screen Printing

Custom Direct to Garment Printing ( DTG )
Direct to Garment Printing on t-shirts and other clothing using traditional screen printing process and garment decorating methods is our specialty.

We make sure Custom Printing Your Logo/Design is done using the ONLY the best quality products, workmanship and state of the art Custom Plastisol Transfers, T-Shirt Vinyl Flex-FlexoSpecialty Materials and Digital Designer Multi-Color T-Shirt Printing (Budget Series). With over 30 years of experience, our Custom Screen Printing delivers results beyond the normal, we guarantee it.


Iron-on Materials
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Iron-On Materials

Iron-on Materials - Sheets and Meters / Yards

You can Buy Materials Sheets and Meters / Yards to make your own iron on transfers and print them yourself on your own t-shirts and other clothing, blankets and more. Ideal for textile decoration. Available in a huge color selection and textures.

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With these decorative materials you are able to Freestyle. To Freestyle, you trace or draw, cut and print your designs. You choose from FUZZY velvet, VINYL, HOLOGRAPHIC, METALLIC and FELT materials in 47 plus colors. You will end up with rofessional looking printed designs that you can use to sample your ideas, We also offer Designer Material Kits, perfect to have when designers need to start creating stuff.

Not sure what where to start to have your designs custom printed as heat transfers or directly on to garments? Start here with Project Help to learn about the printing process that will work best for you.

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freestyle lettering
Freestyle Lettering
Scrap Boy Design Method
Freestyle Method
Scrap Boy gallery
Scrap Boy Gallery
Assorted 30 decals pack
Assorted 30 Pack
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Wholesale Iron-on Materials for your Vinyl Cutter / Plotter

SPoT98™ is a Licensed Dirtributor of ThermoFlex™, DecoFlock™, DecoFilm™ and DecoSparkle™ Iron-on Materials. There are no better iron-on materials on the market. Wholesale Iron-On Materials in stock and ready to ship in 24 hours.

Iron On Paper ( Ink Jet T-Shirt Transfer Paper )

Make your Iron On Heat Transfers. Use your computer, graphic software and a JET Printer to design and print your graphics on our Blank Iron On Paper. Then, you simply use a Home Iron or Heat Press to print your designs on your own t-shirts and more...!

Teflon Sheets

When creating stuff using iron on's that work with heat bonding elements, it is wise to keep on hand re-usable Teflon Sheets. This material/tool is used in many ways and it is necessary with various printing techniques.

Re-sellers / Wholesale

In an effort to reduce pollution, energy, freight costs and to better serve clients around the globe, Spot98 offers Outlet Stores in various zone locations.

For screen printing shops, fashion designers, retail stores, schools, promotional firms and charity organizations, Spot98 offers Wholesale Iron On Products and Custom Printing

We Ship World Wide

With 3 Distribution Centers, in Canada, Europe and Brazil, you get the goods quick. Everyday we ship out Iron-on Transfers and Custom t-shirts to Canada, USA, Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, China, Italy, and the rest of the world. Making you happy, make us happy.

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Spot98 Customer Service

Spot98 is always trying to improve it's customer service as the internet grows beyond the web surfing elite and as clients in general expect more from us. Customer Service Award.